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Decentralized protocol for provisioning, scaling and securing cloud workloads

The world's only on-chain auction marketplace for off-chain container deployments

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The Cloud has a problem.

Up to 85% of the world’s compute capacity sits unused in datacenters all over the globe while hyperscale cloud compute providers enjoy bloated margins born of lack of competition.

Akash is the solution.

Akash corrects this imbalance by providing an open marketplace connecting companies with idle compute capacity to users who need it. Akash also provides the tools needed to configure, deploy, monitor, and manage containerized workloads

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For Users.

Compute for a fraction of the price

Providers bid to host workloads, driving costs down. Plus, there is no middleman on the Akash network, so no entity uses monopolistic power to extract highest possible margins.

Use an open platform

Akash is an open source platform upon which anyone can build tools, fostering a healthy ecosystem of useful products built by an entire community.

For Providers.

Monetize a depreciating asset

Companies everywhere can monetize slack server capacity sitting in their owned or colocated datacenters, then pull capacity back from the network whenever they need it.

Become a cloud computing provider

Claim a slice of the cloud computing pie and enjoy recurring revenue without launching a new line of business!

Why Akash?

Akash in Action

How does it work?

Workload Distribution

Workloads are then distributed off chain via Akash’s peer-to-peer file sharing protocol, and a secure overlay network established. Once live, the agreed-upon count of Akash tokens is transferred from tenant to provider periodically for as long as the workload is live, as determined by the network

Allocation By Auction

Deployment slots are allocated via an auction process that begins with a user defining the deployment criteria (resources, topology, price) in a declarative file posted to the Akash blockchain. Providers then programmatically bid on the deployment, with the low bid winning and creating a lease between tenant and provider, again written to the chain

Install The Akash Agent

Datacenters and companies with underutilized capacity install the Akash agent on servers they want to add to the network. Once registered with the network, they become available for tenants to deploy containerized workloads to


From our blog

The Team

Meet the CEO.

The founding team behind Akash has already made an impressive number of contributions to the tech community. Akash’s CEO, Greg Osuri began his career at IBM and later designed Kaiser Permanente’s first cloud architecture. After these roles, he co-founded AngelHack, which is now one of the world’s largest hackathon organizations.

Meet the CTO.

Akash’s CTO, Adam Bozanich, boasts previous endeavors that include the music monetization platform Topspin, which was acquired by Apple in 2014 following an initial acquisition by Beats. Adam holds a U.S. patent for the invention of network protocol fuzzing, a security analysis methodology that dynamically tests a system’s resilience to protocol abuse.

Greg Osuri
Founder & CEO
Adam Bozanich
Founder & CTO
Aaron Stein
Software Engineer
Nick Alesandro
VP of Product
Allison Silber
Head of Operations

Advisors & Investors

We are funded by all-star investors including CrunchFund, Hone Capital, Auren Hoffman, and founders of LiveRamp and Life360

We help visionary ideas go further
We hone in on superior investment opportunities
Auren Hoffman
Frm. CEO of LiveRamp. Frm. Co-founder of BrightRoll
Steven Fan
Head of Investments, Tencent
Charles Songhurst
Frm. Head of Global Strategy, Microsoft
Jaron Lukasiewicz
Former CEO of Coinsetter (sold to Kraken)
Brandon Goldman
Frm. Founder, Freshpay. Frm. Lead Software Architect, Blockfolio