Akash Network, the world’s first decentralized and open-source cloud, accelerates deployment, scale, efficiency and price performance for high-growth industries like blockchain and machine learning/AI.



Akash Network envisions a world where cloud computing is permissionless, sovereign, and open, where builders of the internet have greater freedom to expand the human experience.

Akash Network is building this future.

Known as the “Airbnb for Cloud Compute”, Akash Network provides a fast, efficient and low-cost application deployment solution. Developers leveraging Akash’s platform can access cloud computing at up to three times less than the cost of centralized cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. Utilizing containerization and open-source technology, Akash Network leverages 85% of underutilized cloud capacity in 8.4 million global data centers, enabling anyone to buy and sell cloud computing.



Pay for what you need, when you need it



Compatible with all existing cloud applications


Price Advantage

2x-3x lower in cost for developers


Akash Network is built and maintained by a global team of renowned open-source, cloud, and blockchain developers, as well as seasoned experts from leading technology platform companies.

Here is the core team from Overclock Labs, creators of Akash, that actively builds and promotes the network.

Greg Osuri avatar

Greg Osuri

Founder, CEO of Overclock

Adam Bozanich avatar

Adam Bozanich

Chief Technology Officer

Boz Menzalji avatar

Boz Menzalji

Chief Operating Officer

Cheng Wang avatar

Cheng Wang

Chief Financial Officer

Chanda Dharap avatar

Chanda Dharap

VP Engineering

Artur Troian avatar

Artur Troian

Senior Software Engineer

Steph Bernstein avatar

Steph Bernstein

Director of Human Resources

Andrii Hnatiuk avatar

Andrii Hnatiuk

Community Engagement Manager

Adam Wozney avatar

Adam Wozney

Head of Community

Steven Acreman avatar

Steven Acreman

Site Reliability Engineer

Scott Carruthers avatar

Scott Carruthers

Director of Technical Support

Alani Kuye avatar

Alani Kuye

Technical Program Manager

Tyler Wright avatar

Tyler Wright

Program Manager

Andrew Mello avatar

Andrew Mello

Head of Mining

Joseph Tary avatar

Joseph Tary

Software Engineer

Scott Hewitson avatar

Scott Hewitson

Finance Associate

Jin Lim avatar

Jin Lim

Junior Data Scientist

Denis Lelic avatar

Denis Lelic

Lead Product Designer

Flavio Espinoza avatar

Flavio Espinoza

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Andrey Arapov avatar

Andrey Arapov

Senior DevOps / SRE Engineer

Cory Sturtevant avatar

Cory Sturtevant

Sr, Manager IT/ (OpsSec)

Nadia Bajuelo avatar

Nadia Bajuelo

Community Events Manager

Anil Murty avatar

Anil Murty

Head of Product

Zach Horn avatar

Zach Horn

Content Marketing Associate

Milos Nikolic avatar

Milos Nikolic

Sr. Software Engineer

Joe Deng avatar

Joe Deng

Social Media Manager

Ali Merchant avatar

Ali Merchant

Developer Relations Lead


Auren Hoffman avatar

Auren Hoffman

CEO SafeGraph & Former CEO LiveRamp

Will O’Brien avatar

Will O’Brien

Former CEO BitGo

Sunny Aggarwal avatar

Sunny Aggarwal

Sikka Validator & Research Scientist Cosmos

Brandon Goldman avatar

Brandon Goldman

Former Lead Architect, Blockfolio

Brian Fox avatar

Brian Fox

Creator of GNU Bash Shell / Cofounder & CTO Orchid Labs

Jack Zampolin avatar

Jack Zampolin

Cofounder of Pylon Validation Services

Scott Stuart avatar

Scott Stuart

CEO at Kava Labs

Brian Kerr avatar

Brian Kerr

General Advisor

David Grossblatt avatar

David Grossblatt

General Advisor


Capital Partners

The Akash Network is backed by leading global organizations across technology and venture capital.