Akash Network Announces Integration Partnership with Lunie Wallet

June 17, 2020

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Akash Network Announces Integration Partnership with Lunie Wallet

We’re very excited to have Akash as integration partners. Lunie benefits from a rich, diverse and engaged user base as well as strong stakeholders when it comes to networks and node operators. We are fans of how Akash’s “Akashian” testnet is progressing thus far,
and are eager for their mainnet launch. 
- Jordan Bibla, CEO

Today, we’re excited to announce an integration and partnership with Lunie Wallet. Lunie is a non-custodial staking tool that allows users to safely store, manage and stake crypto assets in Proof of Stake (PoS) networks. 

We’ve been admirers of Lunie’s user experience, ease of set-up, and deep integration with Cosmos validators. As a trusted wallet in the Cosmos ecosystem, Lunie provides a great user interface to simplify delegation, voting, and staking.

With a reputable and high integrity team led by CEO Jordan Bibla, Lunie is a company we’d wanted to partner with to enable more users to participate in the economic security of Akash’s blockchain. Through Lunie, users can learn more about our validators and delegate their tokens. Lunie also allows our validators to earn community trust, and connect with delegators.

Through this partnership, Lunie will provide a range of functions for Akash Token (AKT) via Lunie browser, Lunie iOS/Android, Lunie browser extension, and Ledger Nano S, and Ledger Nano X with a cable (no bluetooth yet) and the Cosmos Ledger app:

● Wallet 
  • Create address 

  • Restore from seed phrase 

  • Send tokens 

  • Check balance and rewards 

  • View transaction history 

● Staking 
  • View Akash validator list in Lunie 

  • View Akash Network portfolio 

  • Stake tokens 

  • Unstake and restake tokens 

  • Claim rewards

● Governance 
  • Create a proposal 

  • Deposit on a proposal 

  • Vote on a proposal 

  • View current and past proposals 

● Block explorer 
  • View user generated transactions per block

You can learn more in Lunie’s Akash Staking Guide.

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