Akash Network Provides Decentralized Cloud and $100k in AKT Prizes for Sovrython Hackathon to Accelerate the Future of DeFi

May 18, 2021

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Akash Network Provides Decentralized Cloud and $100k in AKT Prizes for Sovrython Hackathon to Accelerate the Future of DeFi

In the past year, we’ve expanded our community of Akashians across the U.S., Europe, China, Korea, and Russia, and we’re thankful for the passion and contributions that our global community members have brought to our ecosystem. 

Akashians around the world have continued to help us expand the possibilities for what can be deployed on the world’s first decentralized and open-source cloud (DeCloud) and have generously shared their learnings through deployment guides, videos, and documentation.

You can check out our rapidly growing Awesome Akash repo to see what’s being deployed on the DeCloud.

Recently, an Akash community member, EoM Games made a YouTube tutorial on how to run a Sovryn Node on Akash.

With years of traditional cloud infrastructure experience, I was thrilled to launch Sovryn’s Node on Akash’s decentralized cloud. The learning curve was small, and Akash’s community members quickly and selflessly answered the questions I had. I went from just knowing about Akash’s existence to actually deploying on their decentralized cloud in a very short time frame.

EoM Games

EoM’s work excited the core development teams at Akash and Sovryn, the DeFi platform for Bitcoin, inspiring both teams to explore ways to work together.

With a shared goal to accelerate the future of DeFi, Akash is providing our DeCloud to participants and committing $100,000 in Akash Token (AKT) prizes for the Sovrython Hackathon, powered by Gitcoin

The hackathon kicks off June 4th and runs through July 18th, 2021. With over $500,000 in awards and grants, this event will be the highest value DeFi Hackathon bounty program ever offered on Gitcoin.

Sovryn is enabling DeFi for the most valuable blockchain, Bitcoin. This is a game-changer because Sovryn is the first smart contract platform for Bitcoin to enable the DeFi ecosystem, and hosting Sovryn on Akash’s decentralized and open-source cloud is a big win for both teams.
This partnership gives Sovryn an advantage over other DeFi ecosystems by tapping into Akash’s powerful middleware layer for developers–critical for a better end-user experience. Sponsoring Sovryn’s hackathon is an important way of empowering our community members by funding their projects.

Greg Osuri, CEO of Akash Network

Currently, we see web apps running on Akash, Sovryn nodes running on Akash, and dApps with a UI or middleware layer running on Akash. In the future, we see The Unstoppable Cloud running smart contracts on Sovryn, the blockchain nodes and middleware on Akash, static client-side Javascript on a decentralized CDN like Filebase and Sia, and finally, DNS from Handshake. 

Akash Network’s value proposition - and I mean this in an ethical sense - grabbed Sovryn’s attention immediately when it first crossed our radar. Then we discovered their second value proposition of competitive pricing for serving data and infrastructure on distributed and decentralized networks, paired with the right economic incentives to ensure permanence in an adversarial environment. Having Akash join our Sovrython allows us to jointly develop productive relationships with developers looking to securely serve the next generation of DeFi infrastructure.

exiledsurfer, Sovrython Producer

Deploy Sovryn on Akash DeCloud


Check out our guide on how to deploy Sovryn on Akash DeCloud

Akash Livestream with Sovryn


Tune in to our YouTube livestream at 9 am PST this Friday, May 21st to watch our CEO, Greg Osuri, and Sovrython Producer, exiledsurfer unveil our hackathon challenges! Get a reminder, here. 

Sign up to participate in the Sovrython Hackathon and be sure to join us on Discord for dev support during the hackathon!

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