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Maly Ly| Jan 12, 2021| 2 min read

AKT Token Now On Bithumb Global Exchange

AKT Token Now On Bithumb Global Exchange cover

We’re excited to announce that AKT Token is now available on Bithumb Global, a leading cryptocurrency exchange!

Bithumb Global will be our third exchange listing after BitMax and BitMart.

Now, even more people around the world have access to AKT.

As the utility token powering the world’s first DeCloud for DeFi, decentralized organizations, and high growth companies around the world, AKT has  51% - 54% APR staking rewards, and a record-setting ~90% bonding ratio, the highest in the Cosmos ecosystem.

Following the successful launch of our incentivized testnet, The Akashian Challenge: Phase 3, with 3600+ applications deployed, 460+ developers participating, and 149 registered validators, we’re taking the learnings from Phase 3 to develop a strong Mainnet 2 this quarter.

During Phase 3, we also saw the first time that a multitude of well-known applications were deployed on the world’s first decentralized cloud including:

  • DeFi - SushiSwap & UniSwap

  • Blog - Ghost & Wordpress

  • Games - DOOM & Super Mario

  • Databases - mongoDB & MySQL

  • Data Visualization - UFO Sightings

  • Block Explorers - Big Dipper & Aneka

As our team continues to achieve key milestones to accelerate our vision for the world’s first decentralized cloud, we’ll continue expanding liquidity for AKT to support our growth, and to meet increasing global demand for access to AKT.

We look forward to sharing more product, partnership, and AKT announcements with you.

Key Dates for AKT Listing on Bithumb Global

Following are key dates for the listing:

  • Deposits will be available on Jan 11, 2021 at 11:00 (UTC+8)

  • Trading will be available on Jan 12, 2021 at 8:00 (UTC+8)

  • Trading Pair: AKT/USDT

Learn More About Akash Network and AKT

Starting today, you can buy AKT on Bithumb Global. Visit our AKT Token site to learn more about Akash Token (AKT) and find out how you can earn AKT’s generous 51% - 54% APR staking rewards.

Buy AKT | About AKT

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