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Maly Ly| Jun 24, 2020| 2 min read

Introducing Olive Kimoto

Introducing Olive Kimoto cover

It’s a privilege to help shape the future of the Internet, and to work on technology that improves human experience, at Akash.

Operating at the intersection of cloud, blockchain, and machine learning, our team is building the world’s first decentralized cloud marketplace, enabling builders of the internet greater freedom and access to improve the human experience. 

With nascent and pioneering technology, visual content is essential to helping us communicate, educate, and inspire people around the world with what we’re building. Today, we’re excited to welcome the multi-talented and creative polymath, Olive Kimoto, to our team as our first Creative Content Manager. 

This is a pivotal time in technology. We can create a future where people have greater access and full control over their data and online experiences. I’m excited to contribute to Akash’s vision of this future.

What’s remarkable about Olive’s creative point of view is her understanding and inclusion. She approaches her work with empathy, one of Akash’s core values, and a value that makes Olive such an adaptable and exceptional creative designer.

From Art, to Music, to the Future of Cloud

Olive developed her visual language and mastery of design tools early, learning graphic design at the age of seven to create and share online communities. She transitioned her craft to the real world, through projects in the music, arts, and social impact industries. 

Most recently, Olive served as Director of Ticketing, General Manager, and Designer, for Restless Nites, a leading events and online ticketing platform in Southern California. Before that, she held project management roles for a number of social impact organizations including Los Angeles People’s Charter and Honey Power.

She’s also a talented musician, artist, and DJ, with a number one ranking radio show on NTS Radio.

As an artist and musician, I often focus on themes of futurism, technology, and the evolution of human connection, which intersects perfectly with the work we do at Akash.

Olive is adept across traditional and online design tools and formats, giving her narrative dexterity across our growing audience channels. She developed the distinctive eighties sci fi brand framework for The Akashian Challenge, Akash’s incentivized testnet, as well as the clean and modern images that grace our website and community channels.

Visualizing the Future of the Cloud

At Akash, Olive is creating and expanding our visual brand framework, as well as our visual language across content, community, communications, and acquisition campaign programs. She also spearheads our global content and localization efforts. 

Ultimately, Olive’s work inspires people with the possibilities of the first decentralized cloud.

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