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Greg Osuri Greg Osuri January 9, 2020

Six Trends Transforming Cloud Computing in 2020

At Akash, we’ve been working at the intersection of cloud, blockchain, and the edge, and this coming year it’s exciting to see technologies we’ve long championed achieve broader adoption and transform multiple industries. Overall, there is a movement to sovereignty–of platform, technology, data, privacy, and cost. We’re also seeing new technologies and devices leverage infrastructure,

Akash Founding Member Challenge Winners
Michael Gushansky Michael Gushansky December 17, 2019

Announcing Our Founding Member Challenge Winners & Leaderboard!

Four weeks ago, we launched the Akash Founding Member Rewards Program for early contributors to Akash’s testnet and community. The program involved 3 progressively difficult challenges along with bonus challenges, and contributors joined from all over the world, including the U.S., Korea, Japan, China, Europe, India, and South America. Deploying on the World’s First Supercloud

Michael Gushansky Michael Gushansky December 9, 2019

Congratulations to Founding Member Challenge Contributors! Still Time to Join for 5500 Akash Tokens!

Congratulations to our Founding Member Challenge Contributors! With one week left to go, we’re excited to announce all those who have completed our Akash Founding Member Rewards Program 3 Challenges so far, and we encourage those who haven’t yet, to join now–you still have time! Much respect to those going the distance and completing the

Maly Ly Maly Ly December 3, 2019

Don’t Miss The Unstoppable Stack at IFX2019

Our team is excited to be heading to Las Vegas this week for Packet’s IFX2019 conference to connect with and learn from our peers in the cloud infrastructure ecosystem. Our CEO Greg Osuri will be presenting the Keynote session “The Unstoppable Stack” at 2pm to 2:30pm in the Great Hall. He’ll be sharing how we’re

Greg Osuri Greg Osuri October 23, 2019

Decentralized Serverless Computing Coming to Cosmos

Akash is bringing serverless computing to Cosmos, and better enabling the builders of today and tomorrow

In a market expected to exceed $198 billion by 2024, the leading cloud providers–Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure–dominate the market with 56% market share, and this figure is expected to increase. This accelerated growth is tied to increased consumer demand for throughput and content, a global surge of smartphones, rapid development

Avatar Nick Alesandro May 30, 2018

Akash vs The Grid

The Akash Network is fundamentally different because it uses generic compute resources to host Docker containers

At Akash, we do quite a bit of thinking, writing, and presenting on decentralized infrastructure. It’s our business after all – Akash is a decentralized marketplace and deployment platform for cloud compute.  Using The Akash Network, companies make slack server capacity in their colo and on-prem datacenters available for containerized deployment. As a result, Akash-connected datacenters form a decentralized

Avatar Nick Alesandro March 25, 2018

Introducing Akash

This week we introduced The Akash Network to the world by open sourcing of our software.

This week we introduced The Akash Network to the world with a press release and the open sourcing of our software. You can learn about Akash to your heart’s content by visiting our site or reading our light paper (a friendly version of the traditionally-impenetrable crypto whitepaper), so I’ll dispense with a long description of Akash to focus instead

Avatar Nick Alesandro March 19, 2018

Decentralized Infrastructure is a Moral Imperative

As businesses across the globe adopt cloud-based infrastructure strategies, three providers (Amazon’s AWS, Google’s GCP, and Microsoft’s Azure) have solidified their positions as dominant players in the $247 billion-dollar cloud infrastructure market. Their success is well-deserved – these companies have effectively created the cloud we know today. Unfortunately, this success has also enabled them to

Greg Osuri Greg Osuri November 28, 2017

Serverless is bigger than FaaS

There is a growing excitement in the developer community around the serverless paradigm, an idea that lets developers to deliver workloads without provisioning or managing servers. At its core, serverless architecture relies on orchestrating a vibrant eco-system of fully managed services. With increasing number of such backend services — namely backend-as-a-service (BaaS) — supported by