Akash Network

Avatar Allison Silber April 30, 2018

Akash at TokenFest

Last month we attended the inaugural TokenFest held right here in San Francisco.  We have become more familiar with the conference circuit having attended a handful of them this year alone. TokenFest was a While planning for this event, one thing I noticed right away was the pre-event organization. Information was sent clearly, on time, with plenty

Avatar Allison Silber April 18, 2018

Akash at BlockDev

As you may know, we are working hard to build Akash, the open, decentralized marketplace for cloud compute. As much as we are in product mode at the moment, we also love the opportunity to connect with the community, check out other exciting projects and discuss the ever-changing blockchain world. Luckily, conferences allow us to do

Avatar Allison Silber April 4, 2018

Akash at Block2TheFuture

Akash is heading to Block2TheFuture, the blockchain festival and token conference taking place on the USS Hornet in Alameda, CA on April 5-6.  Yes, it is on a warship! We are thrilled to have a booth open for the duration of the event to showcase our company and the open, decentralized compute marketplace we are currently creating. In