Akash Network

Token Economics
Cheng Wang Cheng Wang July 23, 2020

The Earning Potential of Akash Token

Context for Akash Token Economics_____ In our past updates, AMAs, and most recently in our Primer on the FIrst Decentralized Cloud Marketplace article, we covered the current state of the cloud computing industry, projected to be a $370 billion market by 2022 (IDG 2019), and its dominance by an oligarchy of four cloud service providers

Greg Osuri Greg Osuri February 5, 2020

An Evolution of Akash Network Token Economics

Last fall, we released our Akash Network Token Economic Model, a system that leverages Akash Token (AKT), a native currency, to solve for volatility (one of the biggest challenges for adoption in crypto) while ensuring economic security of our public blockchain. In the paper, we presented various strategies to mitigate inherent adoption challenges that face

Greg Osuri Greg Osuri October 7, 2019

Bootstrapping a Free Market by Borrowing from the Future

A framework for bootstrapping marketplaces in any industry challenged with underutilization of resources by rewarding sellers for network contribution, enabling the creation of incentives to attract buyers

The survival of an early market economy depends on its ability to solve the cyclical dependency of demand and supply until a healthy equilibrium can be achieved to unlock its network effects. By solving for either side of the equation, we can create the right conditions to achieve equilibrium.  Our goal with this article is

Greg Osuri Greg Osuri September 15, 2019

The Economics of Akash Network and Token

Why Akash Network Will Transform The Future of The Cloud

With 8.4 million data centers, an estimated 85% of server capacity underutilized, and accelerated global demand for cloud computing, Akash aims to create efficiencies in the cloud hosting market through algorithms for allocating compute resources that go to waste in the current market. The leading three providers — Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and