Akash Network

Greg Osuri Greg Osuri October 20, 2020

CEO Statement on Total AKT Token Circulation

Greetings Akashians, I hope you’ve been staying safe and well! Since 2016, when my cofounder and CTO Adam Bozanich and I started building Akash Network, we staked our lives and our reputation to enable developers and organizations around the world to have greater access, freedom, and flexibility to build and grow. Together, we lead a

Maly Ly Maly Ly October 16, 2020

Akash Network Launches Korean Community!

With a long history and familiarity with tokens and digital payments that has spanned decades, Koreans have been at the forefront of crypto adoption and growth. Korea has the highest percentage of citizens who use crypto, and the Korean government has made regulatory and investment commitments to expand the crypto/blockchain industry. Today, we’re thrilled to

Maly Ly Maly Ly October 15, 2020

Akash Network to Integrate Chainlink Oracles to Power Pricing Data

Akash Network operates a decentralized exchange (DEX), which is at the core of matching buyers and sellers on our decentralized cloud computing marketplace. Initially, our native utility token, Akash Token (AKT), will be used to purchase cloud compute on our platform.  In partnership with Cosmos’s Interchain Foundation, Akash will be accelerating development of the Inter-Blockchain

Olive Kimoto Olive Kimoto October 12, 2020

SNZ Joins Akash Network’s Unstoppable Cloud

Based out of China, one of the largest global centers for crypto, SNZ progresses their mission to empower blockchain projects, through their SNZ hub – a network of global top tier venture capitalists, state-of-the art blockchain technologies, and diverse crypto communities. Founded by passionate engineers, blockchain evangelists, and entrepreneurs, SNZ has a long track record

Greg Osuri Greg Osuri October 7, 2020

The Unstoppable Update: October 2020

At an accelerating pace, we find more of the ways we connect, play, transact, and work transitioning to the cloud. Developers and organizations need cloud computing and services that enable greater scale, flexibility, and price performance to meet this global demand for throughput and content. And yet, they continue to have few options beyond the

Greg Osuri Greg Osuri September 24, 2020

Announcing Akash Mainnet Live and BitMax IEO

The primary listing of AKT is one of the most important projects of BitMax.io in Q3. BitMax.io applauds the Akash team for bringing a DeCloud alternative to the booming Cloud Service Provider (CSP) market. We aim to provide extensive support for AKT spanning from listing, staking, and more extensive infrastructure buildout. — Shane Molidor, Global

Maly Ly Maly Ly September 23, 2020

Akash to Integrate Kava Labs’s USDX

Today, we’re excited to announce an integration with Kava, the first cross-blockchain DeFi platform, to enable Kava’s stablecoin USDX as the first coin for fee settlement on Akash’s DeCloud platform. The integration with Kava will also enable Akash Token (AKT) to be used as collateral for USDX loans. Through the integration of Kava’s USDX, Akash

Boz Menzalji Boz Menzalji September 20, 2020

Akash Mainnet Launch Update

As our CTO Adam Bozanich shared in his Mainnet Overview article last Thursday, Mainnet is the beginning of Akash DeCloud, our decentralized cloud marketplace. By enabling staking and governance, it will unlock value for the network, and accelerate growth for our community.  This week, we’re excited to launch Akash DeCloud: Mainnet, and progress our vision

Adam Bozanich Adam Bozanich September 16, 2020

Akash DeCloud: Mainnet Overview

Driven by increased consumer demand for throughput, a global surge of smartphones, rapid development of applications, and high DevOps server management costs, the cloud computing industry, projected to be a $370 billion market by 2022 (IDG 2019), is dominated by an oligarchy of four cloud service providers (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and

Greg Osuri Greg Osuri September 15, 2020

The Unstoppable Update: September 2020

This month, our team will be closing out an incredibly productive Q3 with the realization of our Mainnet, launching next week on Friday, September 25th.  In the past month, we continued to focus on Q4 product roadmap planning while preparing to integrate upstream software updates to Cosmos SDK. We also announced an industry-defining partnership with