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Maly Ly| Apr 27, 2021| 4 min read

Introducing Kelsey Ruiz, Head of Communications.

Introducing Kelsey Ruiz, Head of Communications. cover

I joined Akash because I saw an incredible opportunity to help drive growth and adoption for the world's first decentralized open-source cloud, with a team of all-stars.

Building the world’s first decentralized open-source cloud is an audacious undertaking that requires the participation and support of a global community. Over the past year, Akash has rapidly expanded marketing and community efforts to inspire and engage people around the world with our vision for an open, secure, and free cloud.

We expanded a team in China, added support in Korea, and we now have the largest Russian community in the Cosmos ecosystem. 

To help us accelerate audience engagement around the world, we conducted a long and thoughtful search for our first Head of Communications.

We’re thrilled to introduce you to Kelsey Ruiz, Akash’s new Head of Communications. Last week, we were fortunate to have Kelsey join in time to help us launch Akash MAINNET 2, the materialization of Akash DeCloud, the world’s first decentralized cloud, taking on the $370 billion cloud industry currently dominated by Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Alibaba Cloud. 

Highly curious and relationship-oriented by nature, Kelsey has spent over eight years building a robust network of regional and national media connections and successfully securing placements across broadcast, digital media, and print including the LA Times, Voice of America, VentureBeat, Inc. Magazine, and Forbes.

Kelsey’s passion for media relations, emerging technologies, and engaging with developer communities, is what ultimately led her to the opportunity at Akash. 

A Background in Building Large Developer Communities

Without Communications, the best ideas or products never achieve adoption, which in Silicon Valley is of the utmost importance.

To Kelsey, good communications can help engage audiences with a vision.

Kelsey jumped into the fast-paced world of startups and technology innovation in 2014 when she joined AngelHack, the world’s largest developer ecosystem and hackathon organization. At AngelHack, Kelsey managed PR and communications for 50+ annual global events for a developer community of 175,000 members. She also worked closely with Fortune 500 companies including NFL, MasterCard, Conde Nast International, and HSBC to launch their own innovation initiatives.

From there, Kelsey joined Leaf Group, a publicly-traded Internet and media company, where she won accolades including Ragan’s PR Daily and Business Intelligence Group for Campaign of the Year for her media relations programs.

Most recently, Kelsey served as Senior PR Manager at Ethereum Classic Labs (ETC Labs) where she focused on mainstream education and brand awareness of the Ethereum Classic blockchain. While she’d had experience working with blockchain projects at AngelHack, it was at ETC Labs that she went down the rabbit hole that is blockchain and crypto.

Expanding the Vision of the Decentralized Cloud

To fully articulate a team’s vision, one has to believe in it. Kelsey joined Akash because she believed in the product and its potential to transform whole industries.

Once I had researched the product, I shifted my focus to the team — all of whom are all-stars in their respective industries, and had extensive experience working in Silicon Valley and startup environments. 

In blockchain and all early-stage startups, really, the team is such a crucial aspect of the success of the company and I’m excited to be working with such passionate, precise, and thoughtful individuals.

Now that Akash MAINNET 2 has launched, Kelsey will be focused on engaging media and influencers with the possibilities of DeCloud.

She’ll be working across our global teams on communications and content programs, and events, that educate and inspire.

My core goals to support Akash’s growth are:

1. Accelerate brand awareness within the blockchain and cloud computing ecosystem 
2. Elevate members of leadership to highlight the unique origin story of Akash 
3. Elevate members of leadership to highlight the unique origin story of Akash

What Kelsey is looking forward to working on:

I love to take complex ideas and technologies, and make them accessible to different audiences, especially those outside of the immediate crypto/blockchain community. I’m excited by the opportunity to work with nascent technology that solves a real need for developers and companies.

Outside of engaging global audiences with our vision, Kelsey is an avid reader and bicyclist:

I love to travel, meet new people, and continue learning through everything that I do. Akash helps feed that curiosity and gives me purpose—this is technology that has the potential to transform cloud computing as we know it.

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