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Maly Ly| Jul 01, 2020| 3 min read

Introducing Michael Gushansky

Introducing Michael Gushansky cover

I believe in people's data sovereignty, and the potential for blockchain to democratize access for communities around the world. I'm excited to help Akash give builders greater freedom to develop products that improve the human experience.

Building the world’s first decentralized cloud marketplace is an audacious undertaking, and requires a growing global community of supporters, contributors, partners, and customers across blockchain, cloud computing, and machine learning. To engage such diverse audiences across our channels is quite a feat, and requires deep empathy and a range of capabilities.

We’ve been fortunate to find such attributes in the creative and curious Michael Gushansky, our first Marketing and Community Manager.

Building relationships and communities starts with listening. I put myself in the other person’s shoes. What problems do they have? What are their pain points? What drives them? Once you understand your audience’s needs and desires, then you’ll know how to engage and support them.

A relentless problem solver and relationship-builder, Michael has a user-first mentality and a growth orientation well-suited for the demands of an entrepreneurial and high growth organization. Compelled by data and optimization levers, he was drawn early on to work on our audience acquisition campaigns and growing our community of Akashians.

From Classical Pianist and DJ, to Community and Campaigns

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I’m always considering how I can create special experiences for people, and how I can share ideas in a way that would resonate and connect with them--the right intention, message, and time.

Sharing ideas and experiences, and building vibrant communities have been integral to Michael’s life. Trained as a classical pianist and performer from an early age, Michael transitioned to DJing and photography at the age of 17. While a student at the University of California at Santa Cruz, he DJed and produced events, growing a devoted community of fans across the San Francisco Bay Area, and later, Los Angeles and around the world.

Michael is a co-creator of the acclaimed Redline event series in his hometown of Los Angeles, as well as a resident of San Francisco’s wildly popular As You Like It electronic music events since 2014. Twelve years of experience in music and events promotion, and grassroots community development, have honed his ability to engage audiences offline and online.

Prior to Akash, Michael led partnerships, sales, and customer service for six years at Autobahn, his family’s renowned Southern California chain of auto body shops, where he helped double revenue and maintained customer service rankings above 90%. Before that, Michael was recruited into Enterprise’s competitive and grueling management trainee program, where he consistently achieved Top 5 ranking in Sales and Customer Service.

Accelerating the Vision of the Decentralized Cloud

At Akash, Michael leads our global community engagement efforts, as well as our acquisition campaigns to engage and grow our audiences across channels. 

I’m fascinated by technology. At Akash, it’s exciting to help develop emerging technologies across blockchain, cloud, and machine learning, and to collaborate with a thoughtful and experienced team. Having entered new industries multiple times now, I enjoy learning everything from the ground up, and across functions like marketing, community, product, and customer experience.

Among Michael’s accomplishments at Akash, are accelerating our community growth across channels by multiples, helping recruit 106 validators to make The Akashian Challenge the second largest testnet in the Cosmos Hub since Game of Stakes, a brand and website launch, selling out pre-orders of our Supermini portable supercomputers, and launching our Chinese community.

The empathic qualities that make Michael a great performer and community builder, have enabled him to help us grow a healthy community of Akashians, and engage new audiences with our vision and technology.

What motivates him about his work?

Seeing people excited about Akash--specifically, our platform’s possibilities, and potential to empower builders who didn’t have access to computing resources at scale.

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