Overclock Labs: October 2022 Recap

November 1, 2022

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Overclock Labs: October 2022 Recap

As we close out the month of October, here is a look back at our accomplishments over the past month.


  • Akash’s Mainnet 4 and Overclock Console made significant progress over the past month and are expected to launch soon.

  • Akash Weekly with Greg Osuri reached its four-month milestone.

  • We began publishing our four-part Building the Open Cloud blog series in early October.

  • Overclock Labs attended Devcon and Schelling Point.

Mainnet 4 is coming soon

Akash is aiming to launch the network’s Mainnet 4 upgrade in November. Over the past month, we made significant progress — working out any remaining bugs and getting closer to finalizing the code. At this point, we are moving into a testing phase to make sure everything runs as expected.

Mainnet 4 will bring four new features to Akash Network:

  1. IP Leases — a first-of-its-kind open marketplace for IP addresses.

  2. Provider Services Split — an efficiency upgrade for Akash development.

  3. IBC3 — an upgrade that will enable the latest Cosmos features on Akash.

  4. Interchain Accounts — another feature of Cosmos that enables cross-chain composability.

Overclock Console is coming soon

Overclock Console, our flagship deployment tool built by Overclock Labs, is nearing completion. Once Overclock Console is launched, users on Akash Network will have access to an easy, intuitive solution for creating and managing deployments. This will add yet another deployment option for Akash users, alongside several other deployment solutions built by the incredible Akash community.

Akash Weekly reached its four-month milestone

Akash Weekly with Greg Osuri reached its fourth consecutive month of live Twitter Spaces events. Each week, Greg Osuri goes live on @akashnet_ , Wednesdays at 8 am PT, to give updates on the ecosystem and the latest developments from Akash and Overclock Labs. Each Akash Weekly update also features guests from around the web3 space and beyond.

Here are the summaries of our Akash Weekly events from October:

Akash Weekly: Axelar Network - October 28th

Akash Weekly: Secret Network and Moultrie Audits - October 21st

Akash Weekly: The Web3 Regulatory Landscape - October 14th

Akash Weekly: Alani Kuye - October 7th

Blog series: Building the Open Cloud

In early October, we began publishing a series of blog posts on the current state of the cloud, the obstacles facing web3, and the ways that Akash addresses these obstacles. The series is based on the presentation (by the same name) from Messari Mainnet by Overclock Labs’ Head of Product, Anil Murty.

Parts 1 & 2 have already been published, and we will continue the series into November, leading up to the launch of Overclock Console. Part 3 will be published later this week. This series will have four parts, with a potential fifth installment in the works. 

Stay tuned for the public launch announcement of Overclock Console by heading over to akash.network/connect to follow us across our social channels.

Building the Open Cloud, Part 1: The State of Web3 Infrastructure

Building the Open Cloud, Part 2: Re-Imagining the Cloud With Akash

Overclock Labs attended Devcon and Schelling Point

This past month, Adam Wozney, Head of Community at Overclock Labs, attended Devcon ‘22 and Schelling Point in Bogotá, Columbia. We always look forward to opportunities to engage with the broader web3 community, and connect with other projects and companies, to hear how we can support the growth and adoption of web3.


Schelling Point:

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