Akash Network Community Groups (CGs)

This page lists all the Community Groups (active and inactive) working on projects related to Akash Network. For an understanding of the various types of CGs (SIG, WG, UG, SC) and how they relate to each other see akash-network/community.

This SIG, WG and UG lists are expected to change over time with groups being added and archived as needed. To understand the charter, roadmap and other details for a specific group, visit the repository for the group by clicking on the name of the specific group below. Clicking the label for a group filters down all open issues related to the specific SIG.

Inactive groups are moved to akash-network/community/archive and groups without links have not had their charter & details defined yet.

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Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Analyticssig-analyticsDiscordMonthly on the second Thursday 9am-10am pacific time
Blockchain + Network Upgradesig-chainDiscordMonthly on the first Tuesday 9am-10am pacific time
Clientssig-clientsDiscordMonthly on the third Wednesday 10:30am-11:30am
Communitysig-communityDiscordMonthly on the first Tuesday 10am-11am pacific time
Documentationsig-docsDiscordMonthly on the fourth Tuesday 7am-8am pacific time
Economicssig-economicsDiscordMonthly on the first Wednesday 10am-11am
Educationsig-eduDiscordMonthly on the first Tuesday 12pm-1pm pacific time
Providerssig-providersDiscordMonthly on the fourth Wednesday 8am-9am pacific time
Supportsig-supportDiscordEvery other Wednesday 09am-10am pacific time

Working Groups (WGs)

NameLabelLeadsContactNext Meeting
Client Librarieswg-client-librariesAdam BozanichDiscord
Content Moderationwg-content-moderationAdam BozanichDiscordComplete
GPUwg-gpuArtur TroianDiscord
Provider Attributes[wg-provider-attributes]https://github.com/akash-network/community/tree/main/wg-provider-attributesAnil MurtyDiscord
Provider Services - Microservices Splitwg-provider-microservicesAdam BozanichDiscord
Machine Learning & AIwg-ml-aiTBDDiscord
Network Upgradeswg-network-upgradesArtur TroianDiscord
Testnets & Sandbox Environmentswg-testnet-sandboxTBDDiscord
Cloud Paritywg-cloud-parityTBDDiscord

User Groups (UGs)

PoW-MiningRunning minng workloads on AkashDiscord
ValidatosValidator infrastructure on AkashDiscord

Steering Committee (SC)

The Steering Commitee is initially comprised of the following members who have the most familiarity with Akash Network.

  • Adam Bozanich, Overclock Labs
  • Anil Murty, Overclock Labs
  • Artur Troian, Overclock Labs
  • Greg Osuri, Overclock Labs
  • Scott Caruthers, Overclock Labs

The Next Steering Committee meeting is Thursday, May 4th 26, 2023 from 11am-12pm pacific time. To listen in on future commitee meetings Join here.