Akash Network - Steering Committee (SC)

The Steering Committee is a special SIG that periodically evaluates the list of projects, prioritizes/adds/removes items and decides which SIG or WG is best suited to tackle the project. The Steering Committee also regularly meets to incorporate learnings to improve how the Akash Network community operates and will perform conflict resolution as necessary.


Meetings happen every Last Thursday of the Month

Meeting #1

Thursday, January 28, 2023 11:00 AM PT (Pacific Time)LinkLinkLink

Typical Agenda

  • Review/ discuss/ address any community feedback, greviances or conflicts
  • Review projects list, prioritize/ add/ remove if necessary
  • Open up to any other questions from the participants


The Steering Commitee is initially comprised of the following members who have the most familiarity with Akash Network but the meetings are public and anyone is welcome to attend and listen-in.

  • Adam Bozanich, Overclock Labs
  • Anil Murty, Overclock Labs
  • Artur Troian, Overclock Labs
  • Greg Osuri, Overclock Labs
  • Scott Caruthers, Overclock Labs