Akash App (app.go Initiation and Blockchain Definitions)

Initiation of App via Main.go Function

Source code reference location

The main.go file and associated main function fires the method call of NewRootCmd. This method - as detailed in the subsequent section is located in node/cmd/akash/cmd/root.go

func main() {
rootCmd, _ := cmd.NewRootCmd()
if err := cmd.Execute(rootCmd, "AKASH"); err != nil {
switch e := err.(type) {
case server.ErrorCode:

Root Command Registration

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When the root command for the Akash CLI - which is the akash command prefix registration via Cobra - the initRootCmd function is called.

As detailed in the subsequent section, initRootCmd is located in node/md/akash/cmd/root.go.

func NewRootCmd() (*cobra.Command, params.EncodingConfig) {
encodingConfig := app.MakeEncodingConfig()
rootCmd := &cobra.Command{
Use: "akash",
Short: "Akash Blockchain Application",
Long: "Akash CLI Utility.\n\nAkash is a peer-to-peer marketplace for computing resources and \na deployment platform for heavily distributed applications. \nFind out more at https://akash.network",
SilenceUsage: true,
PersistentPreRunE: GetPersistentPreRunE(encodingConfig, []string{"AKASH"}),
initRootCmd(rootCmd, encodingConfig)
return rootCmd, encodingConfig

Root Command Initiation

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The initRootCmd function calls method AddCommands within the Cosmos SDK server package. Per Cosmos documentation:

The server package is responsible for providing the mechanisms necessary to start an ABCI CometBFT application and provides the CLI framework (based on cobra) necessary to fully bootstrap an application. The package exposes two core functions: StartCmd and ExportCmd which creates commands to start the application and export state respectively.

func initRootCmd(rootCmd *cobra.Command, encodingConfig params.EncodingConfig) {
server.AddCommands(rootCmd, app.DefaultHome, newApp, createAppAndExport, addModuleInitFlags)

Cosmos SDK AddCommands Function Detail

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Amongst other command registrations via the Cosmos SDK server package, note that the startCmd is registered via function StartCmd.

// add server commands
func AddCommands(rootCmd *cobra.Command, defaultNodeHome string, appCreator types.AppCreator, appExport types.AppExporter, addStartFlags types.ModuleInitFlags) {
startCmd := StartCmd(appCreator, defaultNodeHome)
ExportCmd(appExport, defaultNodeHome),
NewRollbackCmd(appCreator, defaultNodeHome),

Source code reference location

The SmartCmd function registers and allows Akash CLI use of command akash start. This command provokes the initiation of an Akash RPC Node and Akash Validator instances.

func StartCmd(appCreator types.AppCreator, defaultNodeHome string) *cobra.Command {
cmd := &cobra.Command{
Use: "start",
Short: "Run the full node",
Long: `Run the full node application with CometBFT in or out of process. By
default, the application will run with CometBFT in process.

New App Initiation

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When the Cosmos SDK AddCommands method was called with the Akash initRootCmd function - included anew below for ease of reference - the newApp function is passed in as an argument.

func initRootCmd(rootCmd *cobra.Command, encodingConfig params.EncodingConfig) {
server.AddCommands(rootCmd, app.DefaultHome, newApp, createAppAndExport, addModuleInitFlags)

The newApp function calls the NewApp method located in node/app/app.go. The NewApp method initiates and defines the base parameters of the blockchain.

func newApp(logger log.Logger, db dbm.DB, traceStore io.Writer, appOpts servertypes.AppOptions) servertypes.Application {
return app.NewApp(
logger, db, traceStore, true, cast.ToUint(appOpts.Get(server.FlagInvCheckPeriod)), skipUpgradeHeights,

Blockchain Definitions Via NewApp

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When called the NewApp function creates many definitions for the blockchain including:

  • Keepers for blockchain store definitions for all modules
  • Blockchain store key values

The NewApp function returns an instance of the AkashApp struct.

func NewApp(
logger log.Logger, db dbm.DB, tio io.Writer, loadLatest bool, invCheckPeriod uint, skipUpgradeHeights map[int64]bool,
homePath string, appOpts servertypes.AppOptions, options ...func(*bam.BaseApp),
) *AkashApp {

The AkashApp struct is defined as:

type AkashApp struct {
cdc *codec.LegacyAmino
appCodec codec.Codec
interfaceRegistry codectypes.InterfaceRegistry
invCheckPeriod uint
keys map[string]*sdk.KVStoreKey
tkeys map[string]*sdk.TransientStoreKey
memkeys map[string]*sdk.MemoryStoreKey
keeper struct {
acct authkeeper.AccountKeeper
authz authzkeeper.Keeper
bank bankkeeper.Keeper
cap *capabilitykeeper.Keeper
staking stakingkeeper.Keeper
slashing slashingkeeper.Keeper
mint mintkeeper.Keeper
distr distrkeeper.Keeper
gov govkeeper.Keeper
crisis crisiskeeper.Keeper
upgrade upgradekeeper.Keeper
params paramskeeper.Keeper
ibc *ibckeeper.Keeper
evidence evidencekeeper.Keeper
transfer ibctransferkeeper.Keeper
// make scoped keepers public for test purposes
scopedIBCKeeper capabilitykeeper.ScopedKeeper
scopedTransferKeeper capabilitykeeper.ScopedKeeper
// akash keepers
escrow escrowkeeper.Keeper
deployment dkeeper.IKeeper
market mkeeper.IKeeper
provider pkeeper.IKeeper
audit audit.Keeper
cert cert.Keeper
inflation inflation.Keeper
mm *module.Manager
// simulation manager
sm *module.SimulationManager
// module configurator
configurator module.Configurator

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