Get Started

Become a Provider

Offer your Compute Resources and Join the Akash Providers

Praetor App

Praetor App makes it simple to become an Akash Network cloud provider. Instead of utilizing the Command-line Interface, you can use a streamlined UI to become a provider.

Provider build resources

Kubernetes Cluster for Akash Providers

Akash leases are deployed via Kubernetes pods on provider clusters. This guide details the build of the provider’s Kubernetes control plane and worker nodes.

Akash Cloud Provider Build With Helm Charts

An Akash Provider leases compute to users launching new deployments. Follow the steps in this guide to build your own provider.

Provider build with GPU

Use this guide and follow the sequential steps to build your Testnet Akash Provider with GPU support.

Akash Provider Checkup

Within this guide we provide paths to check your Akash Provider health status following initial build and throughout the lifetime of the provider.

Akash Provider Maintenance / FAQ / Troubleshooting

Use the techniques detailed in this guide to verify Akash Provider functionality and troubleshoot issues as they appear.ake profit on your spare compute made available for tenant lease.