Register for the Akash Testnet

About the testnet

The Akash testnet consists of the Akash marketplace running on multiple nodes in multiple geographies, connected to providers with server capacity in those geographies. The number of regions covered and the available capacity is growing continuously. Full testnet usage documentation may be found here.

Access to the testnet is free. Once you register, Akash will transfer a small number of testnet tokens to your wallet, which you may use to pay for testnet deployments.

Please note that testnet tokens are only usable on the Akash testnet and have no market value.

Before you begin

To register for the Akash testnet, you must first create a key using the Akash client. This key identifies your account and holds the tokens you'll use to transact on the testnet.

To create your key:

  1. Install the Akash client binary using these instructions.
  2. Run akash key create [keyname]. Replace [keyname] with a name of your choice
  3. Your key will then be printed to console. Copy it now or run akash key list to list your keys again later.

Once you've created your key return to this page.

Ready to begin?

Click Register and complete the form, making sure to enter your Akash key exactly as returned by the akash key create command.

You will then receive a confirmation email from which you may request testnet tokens.