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Help us realize the vision of a permissionless, sovereign, and open cloud where builders of the internet have greater freedom to create.

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We’re partnering with validators to secure the Akash Network blockchain and to grow our community of builders. If you’re a validator, or interested in becoming one, please reach out.

Since I began working on Blockchain technology in 2017, I’ve been searching for the crossover of existing cloud technologies like Docker and Kubernetes, as those systems and the cloud in general, have been grappling with many of the same distributed systems problems. Akash Network, with its cloud native developer workflow, backed by a decentralized network, is the most exciting project in this space today. Their platform is a tremendous step towards the realization of the world’s first open, permissionless, and secure public cloud.

Jack Zampolin I Pylon Validators, Head of Product, Cosmos & Tendermint

Why Join Akash Network?

The world’s first supercloud for serverless computing, offering developers an open, permissionless, and secure marketplace for unused compute cycles.

10x lower cost than the current market providers. Through Akash’s platform, developers can easily and securely access cloud compute at 10x lower cost than the current market providers (AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure).

The platform achieves these benefits by integrating advanced containerization technology with a unique staking model to accelerate adoption, built on Tendermint and Cosmos.

The Akash Network Validators Program

Our Mainnet launches in Q3 2020.

We’re currently onboarding blockchain validators to help us ensure security, transparency, and fairness for the world’s first decentralized peer-to-peer cloud marketplace for serverless computing.

To learn more about validator rewards and fees, check out our economics paper.

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