Akash Community

The Akash Network is supported by a diverse group of users, contributors, and supporters. We strive to improve the project and work together efficiently. We’re proud of our progress over the years. All aspects of the Akash Network - from code to culture - are managed by the community and divided into three programs.

Core Community Groups

Core community groups are responsible for contributing code, writing documentation, testing product features and reporting bugs, organizing meetups and suggesting ideas for new features and various other activities that evolve the Akash Network.

Akash Insiders

Akash Insiders are global leaders and influencers in the Web3 space. They support our community by moderating Akash social channels, organizing and attending online and in-person events, and creating technical and non-technical educational content.

Akash EDU

Akash EDU aims to provide world-class web3 education, along with certificates of completion and achievements.

Community Contributions

The Akash Community suppports community education and growth through written and video content. Check out all the fantastic content our community has created here. Or, make a PR and add your own Akash content!

Akash Shop

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Join the conversation by connecting with the Akash Community on any of these platforms!

  • Twitter: Follow @akashnet_ for real-time announcements of blog posts, events, news, ideas.
  • GitHub: All the project and issue tracking, plus Akash’s open source code.
  • Discord: With 100+ channels for developers, you’ll find one that fits your needs.
  • Telegram: Discuss Akash Network with other non-technical community members.
  • Reddit: Connect with over 5,200+ Redittors on Akash Network Subreddit.
  • YouTube: Check out Akash Network’s Youtube channel.
  • Community Forums: Topic-based technical discussions that bridge docs, troubleshooting, and so much more.