Akash Insiders

Stay informed about the latest Akash updates and get exclusive access to community events

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Who are Akash Insiders?

Akash Insiders are community leaders and advocates within the Akash ecosystem.

What do Akash Insiders do?

  • Moderate Akash Network social channels.
  • Organize and attend in-person and online events.
  • Write educational content for the community.
  • Represent the Akash Network online and in-person.

Why Become an Insider?

  • Develop and lead a network of Akash advocates at in-person and online events.
  • Be among the first to see and test new product releases.
  • Get a front-row education on the latest in web3 technologies.
  • Actively engage and learn from other community members from across the world.
  • Gain closer access to the Overclock Labs team.
  • Represent the Akash community at IRL events