There are four configuration variants, each presented as directory within _run.

  • kube - uses kind to set up local cluster. It is widely used by e2e testing of the provider. Provider and the node run as host services. All operators run as kubernetes deployments.
  • single - uses kind to set up local cluster. Main difference is both node and provider (and all operators) are running within k8s cluster as deployments. (at some point we will merge single with kube and call it kind)
  • minikube - not in use for now
  • ssh - expects cluster to be up and running. mainly used to test sophisticated features like GPU or IP leases

The only difference between environments above is how they set up. Once running, all commands are the same.

Running through the entire runbook requires multiples terminals. Each command is marked t1-t3 to indicate a suggested terminal number.

If at any point something goes wrong and cluster needs to be run from the beginning:

Terminal window
cd provider/_run/<kube|single|ssh>
make kube-cluster-delete
make clean
make init

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