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Akash is an open network that lets users buy and sell computing resources securely and efficiently. Purpose-built for public utility.

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Browse a wide range of cloud resources and live network pricing

Provide compute and earn

Become an Akash Provider by offering your hardware on the network and earn when users deploy

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Get started with the network's user-friendly deployment console

Key features of the Akash Supercloud

Infrastructure as Code

Akash's orchestration layer, fueled by SDL, enables intricate deployments across regions, providers, with resource control and pricing decisions.

Kubernetes Powered

Built on Kubernetes, Akash ensures a secure, tested, and reliable platform for hosting applications.

Persistent Storage

Akash offers limitless storage, safeguarding data even post-restart, an ideal feature for data-intensive apps.

Dedicated IP Leasing

By leasing a dedicated IP address, Akash permits port assignment, directing traffic – especially beneficial for DNS, web servers, etc.


Akash democratizes secure, censorship-resistant app deployment, open to all innovators.

Peer-to-Peer and Private

Peer-to-peer communication guarantees data privacy, payment transparency, and immunity from central control, reinforcing dependability.

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Powerful, flexible, and designed for what's next

Create your own sovereign compute experience with the Supercloud. Seamlessly scale and access a global array services while keeping controlling your budget with the Akash 'Reverse Auction' system. Enjoy prices up to 85% lower than other public clouds, customized to your preferences.

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Pioneering Layer One Protocol built on Cosmos SDK

Secured by its native token AKT. It is the first blockchain to achieve IBC communication with Cosmos Hub, enabling seamless connections to other IBC compatible blockchains.

The Akash protocol prioritizes user privacy and security, allowing anonymous deployment of applications, safeguarding the user's identity.

What’s possible with Akash?

Akash is a community-owned and managed. As a free public service, its source code is available to everyone. The community actively oversees all aspects of Akash, making decisions about the implementation of new features.

Dev Tools

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Akash Console

Tailored for Web3 users, offering a powerful platform to deploy applications on the Akash network with enhanced capabilities.

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Praetor App

Praetor App makes it simple to become an Akash Network cloud provider. Use a streamlined UI to become a provider.

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Awesome Akash templates

View collection of SDL deployment templates based on the Awesome Akash GitHub repository

Join the Community

Akash is supported by a radically open community. As a free public service, the network source code is open-source and available to everyone.

“Care.Wallet is now yours for life. Akash Network decentralized compute helped achieve our goal to make every Care.Wallet a permanent #Web3 container, that no #AWS admin can shut down.”



“Solve.Care is migrating Care.Nodes to @akashnet_ to reduce cost, scale faster, and get rid of #AWS.”



“Pretty insane to see the progress @akashnet_ has been making. Mixtral 8x7B is supposed to be on par with GPT 3.5. Would be interesting to see how crypto could bootstrap and incentivize some of this development. Also open source AI + DePIN is something to keep an eye on.”


Youtube Creator

“You can deploy dapps, games or websites on the Akash network. The token $AKT is needed for deploying dapps, participating in governance voting, and for staking to secure the network.”


Crypto analyst

“Mind blowing experience with Akash so far, waking up every day and can’t stop digging this infrastructure.”

@Daniel Halford

Akash Discord member

“Akash offers developers the ability to build full-stack decentralized applications through key partnerships with other Web3 infrastructure projects, making it the premier Web3-native cloud platform.”


Research @Messaricrypto

“Decentralized cloud infra as a service with a globally available, programmable settlement currency $USDC. @akashnet_ (open source supercloud).”


Co-founder @Circle

“Friendship ended with @Hetzner_Online now @akashnet_ is my best friend.”


Co-founder @Solana Labs

“Want to run your own Bittensor $TAO Node? Follow this simple step-by-step guide to get started on @akashnet_ in just 5 minutes for around $10 per month in $AKT.”



“Just became an @akashnet_ provider and got a lease within the first hour of deploying! Super easy experience using @praetor_app to set it all up. Thanks @Deval_Vora for the help!”


Dev @White WhaleDefi

“A Presearch node running on @akashnet_!. The first Presearch searches ever to be processed on the Akash network.One click deployment coming soon”


Decentralized Search Engine

“Deploying on @akashnet_ is getting faster and easier by the day! Using the Akash Terraform Provider I can have my infrastructure on Akash in just 22s.”


Founder Quasarch

Experience the Supercloud.