Akash Network

The Unstoppable Cloud

The DeCloud for DeFi, and
the world's first decentralized
cloud computing marketplace.

Why Akash DeCloud?

Akash DeCloud is a faster, better, and lower cost cloud built for DeFi, decentralized projects, and high growth companies, providing unprecedented scale, flexibility, and price performance. 10x lower in cost, our serverless computing platform is compatible with all cloud providers and all applications that run on the cloud.


Simplified code deployment with dynamically managed resource allocation.


Federated control plane that is multi-cloud, multi-chain, and multi-token.

Secure & Private

Fault tolerance, scaling, and management of workloads.

Hybrid Cloud

Physical servers supplied by Cloud Service Providers and organizations with spare capacity.

Simple, scalable, and secure

Deploy, secure, and scale your application in minutes without having to set up, configure, or manage servers.

Compute for a fraction of the price

Save up to 10x on your cloud bill. With no middleman, cloud providers compete to host your workloads, greatly reducing your costs.

Any cloud, any token, anywhere

Our human-centric design is optimized to easily integrate with your favorite tools, bringing your design and development teams closer together.


  • Coil
  • Packet
  • Interledger
  • Interledger
  • Interledger
  • Tendermint
  • OpenFaas
  • Polyverse
  • Tuesday
  • Alphablock
  • Hone
  • PeopleFund
  • Outpost Capital
  • Forbole
  • Sikka
  • Dokia Capital
  • ChainLayer
  • Age
  • DACM
  • TRG Capital

The Akash Supermini

Supermini is the world’s smallest, slickest, and most powerful portable supercomputer. Plug in to easily become a node for Akash Network, and earn your favorite crypto. Limited supply.

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Wall of Love

Akash empowers the most ambitious organizations.

We realized early on that a decentralized cloud marketplace enabled by Interledger is going to be disruptive to centralized cloud platforms. By Partnering with Akash, we are able to tap into their many years of experience at the cutting edge of cloud technology to bring the vision to life.

Stefan Thomas | CEO, Coil & Co-Creator Interledger

A perfect opportunity for Packet. When we have spare capacity, we can sell it through Akash’s blockchain marketplace, ensuring complete utilization of our cloud servers.

Jacob Smith | SVP, Packet

Elon trades ElonTrades October 9th

How decentralized are you if 60%+ of your nodes are hosted on centralized cloud computing platforms like AWS?

All of DeFi is in the same boat.

Soon, the standard of decentralization will be based on whether or not you’re hosted on @akashnet_ $AKT



Chainlink chainlink October 15

Decentralized cloud platform @akashnet_ selects #Chainlink data feeds to calculate prices for their computational services. Chainlink price oracles are critical for setting fair market exchange rates as Akash expands to multi-currency settlement options. bit.ly/2SWtK2H