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Community Solutions

The Akash community drives innovation in Provider tooling. Our highlighted community contributions include:

  • Praetor - allows users with limited Kubernetes experience to fully build a provider in a curated series of steps within a user friendly web app
  • AkashDash - offers Akash providers an instantaneous view of profitability metrics both on a per lease basis and in summation across all current/active leases.


The Praetor application offers a streamlined mechanism to deploy an Akash Provider. The web app allows the creation of the necessary Kubernetes cluster and the Provider instance all from within an extremely user friendly series of guided steps.

In addition to the Praetor Provider build app, the team has created great tools for viewing current Akash Providers and a Provider revenue calculator.

AkashDash - Provider Earnings Portal


The AkashDash web app offers Akash Providers an overview of expected and realized profitability both on a per deployment/lease basis and holistically across active leases.

AkashDash Access

The AkashDash app can be accessed here.

AkashDash Support

Should any support be needed in the usage of the AkashDash app, please use the Akash Discord server and flag user []#5657 who is the creator and maintainer of this tool.

Example Provider Dashboard


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