Code Conventions

This document outlines a collection of guidelines, style suggestions, and tips for writing code used throughout the Akash project.

Go Standards and Conventions

Code Submission Requirements

The creators and maintainers of the Go programming language have created standards and policies within this documentation.

Akash contributors should become familiar with all standards in this idiomatic Go guide with particular attention focused on topics such as:

  • Go Fmt - all code submitted to the Akash code base should have go fmt performed prior to submission to ensure proper and conventional formatting
  • Code Comments - all code submitted should be commented throughly and adhere to commenting standards provided in this section
  • Error Handling - handle and do not discard errors as described further in this section
  • Variable Names - const and var naming conventions should follow Go standards as described in this section

ReactJS and Javascript Conventions

Code Submission Requirements

While the React project does not maintain or suggest standards for components/variables naming and other considerations, we recommend the use of Airbnb style guides for consistency.


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