Getting Started with Akash Contributions

This guides provides ideas on how to get started with Akash code base contributions.

Find Something to Work On

The following list provides some thoughts on areas prime for contribution:

Documentation Improvement

Contributing to Akash documentation is a great way to get started. In the process of documentation contribution the author will benefit from:

  • Gain experience in the the code submission/review process
  • Gain insight further into Akash frameworks
  • Solve simple tasks in first submission such as fixing broken links or missing links

All Akash documentation - both the Akash user guides and engineering docs - are open source and prime for contributions.

Review and Isolate a Good First Topic

There are multiple repositories within the Akash code base. Each repository has beginner-friendly issues that are a great place to get started on your contributor journey.

The core Akash team labels issues as good first issue for focuses that don’t need deep Akash knowledge to contribute to. The good first issue label also indicates that the Akssh core team have committed to providing extra assistance for new contributors in these focuses. Additionally the tag of ready-for-community-dev earmarks issues ripe for contribution.

Akash Node And Provider Repositories

All issues across these repositories are collapsed within the Support repository and associated issues within that repo.

Akash Console Repositories

All issues created for Akash Console are listed and tracked within the associated repository. Directly access Akash Console issues here.

Become Involved in Akash SIGs

The Akash community is organized into SIGs (Special Interest Groups) to improve its workflow. Understanding how to interact with SIGs is an important part of contributing to Akash. Review the list of SIGs and active Working Groups for additional guidance on how to get started.

SIG Structure

Anyone is welcome to jump into a SIG and begin fixing issues, critique design proposals, and review code. SIGs have regular video meetings which everyone is welcome to attend. Each SIG has an associated Discord channel, meeting notes, and their own documentation that is useful to read and understand.


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