Overview and Requirments

This page covers setting up development environment for both node and provider repositories. The provider repo elected as placeholder for all the scripts as it depends on the node repo. Should you already know what this guide is all about - feel free to explore examples.



Go must be installed on the machine used to initiate the code used in this guide. Both projects - Akash Node and Provider - are keeping up-to-date with major version on development branches. Both repositories are using the latest version of the Go, however only minor that has to always match.

Docker Engine

Ensure that Docker Desktop/Engine has been installed on machine that the development environment will be launched from.

Direnv Use

Install Direnv if Necessary

Direnv is used for the install process. Ensure that you have Direnv install these instructions.

Configure Environment for Direnv Use

  • Edit the ZSH shell profile with visual editor.
vi .zshrc
  • Add the following line to the profile.
eval "$(direnv hook zsh)"

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