Akash CLI Introduction

This guide will walk you through installing the Akash CLI, creating and funding an account on an Akash network, and deploying a single-tier web application.

The command-line client is used to interact with deployments. The provider-services command prefix and additional command syntax covered in this guide are utilized to query, launch, and update your applications.

We offer two guides to assist in getting started with the Akash CLI:

The Akash CLI Booster was created to make the use of the current command line tooling much simpler for deployments and related activities. In this guide we will review the primary capabilities of this exciting new tool.

The Akash CLI Booster will receive continued updates and new features. Review the latest updates and through list of current features here.

Akash Wants to Spotlight Your Work

Have an idea for a project to deploy on Akash? Already working on a project? Maybe you’ve already deployed a project (or many projects!) to the network?

We love seeing what our community is building. Once your deployment is live, head over to our Discord and share the details of your app in our Deployments channel and tag @Admin.

Once you share your app, someone from the Akash team may reach out to spotlight your app across our newsletter, blog, and social media.

This is a great opportunity to connect with the team at Akash Network and to spotlight your work for our world-class community.


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