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Akash CLI Booster


Getting Started with the CLI Booster

Our use of the Akash CLI Booster begins by downloading the application.

Ensure the following steps have been completed prior:

  • Install Akash CLI which is covered here.
  • Create a new wallet or import a pre-existing wallet. New wallet creation steps are covered here.

Clone Repo

git clone


Start the tool with these quick steps.

cd akash-tools/cli-booster
. akash.source
  • Select account that should be used for deployments and/or other activities from list
  • Example prompt shown below. In this case only one account is available in the keyring and we could press accept the default list number of “0” by pressing enter with no change.
Available keys:
"name" "address"
0> "deploymentone" "akash1f53fp8kk470f7k26yr5gztd9npzpczqv4ufud7"
Choose your key from the list [0]:

Example/expected prompt following successful CLI Booster initialization

``` root@ip-10-0-10-163:~/akash-tools/cli-booster[][deploymentone][]$ ```

Create Certificate

If this is your first time using the selected key, create a client certificate.


Creating a Deployment with the CLI Booster

In the series of steps in this section we will create the deployment, request bids from available providers, and select the most attractive bid.

Create Deployment

akash_deploy <path-to-Akash-SDL-file>

Example/Expected Output

root@ip-10-0-10-163:~/akashApps/helloWorld[][deploymentone][]$ akash_deploy /root/akashApps/helloWorld/deploy.yml
INFO: Broadcasting 'akash deployment create -y deploy.yml' transaction...
Enter keyring passphrase:
gas estimate: 110705
INFO: Waiting for the TX EB8CB0EC7A09339D8004DD6FF1CE9054189315656687B5B3D5AF70565896A22F to get processed by the Akash network
INFO: Success

Select and Accept Bid

``` akash_accept ```

Expected/Example Output (Pre-Bid Accept)

  • Select a provider of your preference by entering the number of the associated row
root@ip-10-0-10-163:~/akash-tools/cli-booster[][deploymentone][4815510-1-1]$ akash_accept
AKASH_PROVIDER was not set so let's try to pick from what's available for your deployment.
rate monthly usd dseq/oseq/gseq provider host
0> 5.00 2.03 $2.44 4815510/1/1 akash10fl5f6ukr8kc03mtmf8vckm6kqqwqpc04eruqa
1> 3.00 1.21 $1.45 4815510/1/1 akash14c4ng96vdle6tae8r4hc2w4ujwrsh3x9tuudk0
2> 4.00 1.62 $1.94 4815510/1/1 akash19yhu3jgw8h0320av98h8n5qczje3pj3u9u2amp
3> 6.00 2.43 $2.92 4815510/1/1 akash1g8m36ge6yekgkfktl08x8vrp0nq9v0l73jzy32
4> 3.00 1.21 $1.45 4815510/1/1 akash1m7tex89ddnwp3cm63ehfzfe2kj2uxmsugtx2qc
5> 3.00 1.21 $1.45 4815510/1/1 akash1r7y2msa9drwjss5umza854he5vwr2czunye9de
6> 2.00 0.81 $0.97 4815510/1/1 akash1u5cdg7k3gl43mukca4aeultuz8x2j68mgwn28e
7> 3.00 1.21 $1.45 4815510/1/1 akash1vky0uh4wayh9npd74uqesglpaxwymynnspf6a4
8> 3.00 1.21 $1.45 4815510/1/1 akash1x32axkrtkv2et7etdwh77hj9a6vnc8un9th4e9

Expected/Example Out (Post Bid Selection)

INFO: Accepting the bid offered by akash1x32axkrtkv2et7etdwh77hj9a6vnc8un9th4e9 provider for 4748311 deployment
INFO: Broadcasting 'akash market lease create -y' transaction...
Enter keyring passphrase:
gas estimate: 442786
INFO: Waiting for the TX 5E33B27E631B0FD94BD9FB23D705B8D40F4BDC741829B0F669EC44C31ACA8A9C to get processed by the Akash network
INFO: Success

Send Manifest to Provider

``` akash_send_manifest ```

Expected/Example Output

root@ip-10-0-10-163:~/akash-tools/cli-booster[][deploymentone][4748311-1-1]$ akash_send_manifest /root/akashApps/helloWorld/deploy.yml
Enter keyring passphrase:

Status of Deployment

``` akash_status ```

Example/Expected Output

root@ip-10-0-10-163:~/akash-tools/cli-booster[][deploymentone][4751918-1-1]$ akash_status
Enter keyring passphrase:
"services": {
"web": {
"name": "web",
"available": 1,
"total": 1,
"uris": [
"observed_generation": 1,
"replicas": 1,
"updated_replicas": 1,
"ready_replicas": 1,
"available_replicas": 1
"forwarded_ports": {}

Close a Deployment

``` akash_close ```

Expected/Sample Output

root@ip-10-0-10-163:~/akash-tools/cli-booster[][deploymentone][4751918-1-1]$ akash_close
INFO: Broadcasting 'akash deployment close -y' transaction...
Enter keyring passphrase:
gas estimate: 237627
INFO: Waiting for the TX 7AF03163EC3347712DCD2BBC648D82F70BCE0F681683AFAC537EA5520F8F2785 to get processed by the Akash network
INFO: Success
4751918 deployment has been successfully closed.
INFO: Total spent for 4751918: 129 uakt or $0.0001767

List All Active Deployments

``` akash_deployments ```

Expected/Sample Output

  • Select the associated number of a deployment to reveal greater details. At this time those details include listing the deployment’s current provider.
  • Select an instance to perform actions such as closing a deployment or accessing a deployment’s shell. The specific deployment must be selected prior to such actions and the selected deployment will be indicated in the CLI’s prompt.
root@ip-10-0-10-163:~/akash-tools/cli-booster[][deploymentone][4815131-1-1]$ akash_deployments
Deployments you have accepted the bids for (i.e. have ran lease create).
Found the following active deployments:
"dseq" "gseq" "oseq"
0> "4815090" 1 1
1> "4815131" 1 1
Choose your deployment from the list [1]:
Selected 1: 4815131-1-1
Looking for a matching provider for this order...

Access a Deployment’s Shell

``` akash_shell sh ```

Example/Expected Output

  • In this example the contents of the current directory are listed - via “ls” - to prove we are inside the deployment’s container
root@ip-10-0-10-163:~/akash-tools/cli-booster[][deploymentone][4815131-1-1-web]$ akash_shell sh
Enter keyring passphrase:
Enter keyring passphrase:
# ls
bin boot dev docker-entrypoint.d etc home lib lib64 media mnt opt proc root run sbin srv sys tmp usr var

Obtain a Deployment’s Logs

``` akash_logs -f ```

Example/Expected Output

root@ip-10-0-10-163:~/akash-tools/cli-booster[][deploymentone][4815131-1-1-web]$ akash_logs -f
Enter keyring passphrase:
[akash1f53fp8kk470f7k26yr5gztd9npzpczqv4ufud7/4815131/1/1/akash14c4ng96vdle6tae8r4hc2w4ujwrsh3x9tuudk0][web-7d44bb6d6f-n9cbk] / /docker-entrypoint.d/ is not empty, will attempt to perform configuration
[akash1f53fp8kk470f7k26yr5gztd9npzpczqv4ufud7/4815131/1/1/akash14c4ng96vdle6tae8r4hc2w4ujwrsh3x9tuudk0][web-7d44bb6d6f-n9cbk] / Looking for shell scripts in /docker-entrypoint.d/
[akash1f53fp8kk470f7k26yr5gztd9npzpczqv4ufud7/4815131/1/1/akash14c4ng96vdle6tae8r4hc2w4ujwrsh3x9tuudk0][web-7d44bb6d6f-n9cbk] / Launching /docker-entrypoint.d/
[akash1f53fp8kk470f7k26yr5gztd9npzpczqv4ufud7/4815131/1/1/akash14c4ng96vdle6tae8r4hc2w4ujwrsh3x9tuudk0][web-7d44bb6d6f-n9cbk] info: Getting the checksum of /etc/nginx/conf.d/default.conf
[akash1f53fp8kk470f7k26yr5gztd9npzpczqv4ufud7/4815131/1/1/akash14c4ng96vdle6tae8r4hc2w4ujwrsh3x9tuudk0][web-7d44bb6d6f-n9cbk] info: Enabled listen on IPv6 in /etc/nginx/conf.d/default.conf
[akash1f53fp8kk470f7k26yr5gztd9npzpczqv4ufud7/4815131/1/1/akash14c4ng96vdle6tae8r4hc2w4ujwrsh3x9tuudk0][web-7d44bb6d6f-n9cbk] / Launching /docker-entrypoint.d/
[akash1f53fp8kk470f7k26yr5gztd9npzpczqv4ufud7/4815131/1/1/akash14c4ng96vdle6tae8r4hc2w4ujwrsh3x9tuudk0][web-7d44bb6d6f-n9cbk] / Launching /docker-entrypoint.d/
[akash1f53fp8kk470f7k26yr5gztd9npzpczqv4ufud7/4815131/1/1/akash14c4ng96vdle6tae8r4hc2w4ujwrsh3x9tuudk0][web-7d44bb6d6f-n9cbk] / Configuration complete; ready for start up

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