Mainnet5 Upgrade Docs

Provider Upgrade


The upgrade instructions provided in this guide pertain to Akash providers installed via Helm Charts.

If your provider was installed using Praetor, please visit the Praetor Discord server for upgrade guidance and inquiries.

All providers MUST upgrade their Akash Provider components (RPC Node only) on the date of the Mainnet5 upgrade (December 21st 2022) to avoid disruption. Provider RPC Nodes which are not upgrade post Mainnet5 will be unable to bid on new orders. Pre-existing deployments on non-upgraded providers will not incur service disruption. But the ability to bid on new deployments will be impacted until the provider’s RPC nodes are upgraded to 0.20.0 .

NOTE - please do not attempt to upgrade your provider RPC modes until the Mainnet5 upgrade has been completed. The Helm Charts will be updated to the use the correct/current binaries on the day of the Mainnet5 upgrade.

Network Upgrade Schedule

Countdown to network upgrade is listed below. Please await announcement that the network upgrade is complete prior to initiating RPC node upgrades.

Network Upgrade Countdown

Provider Upgrade Procedure

Update Local Helm Repo

helm repo update akash

RPC Node

helm -n akash-services get values akash-node | grep -v '^USER-SUPPLIED VALUES' > akash-node-values.yml
  • Prior to executing the Helm Upgrade command - inspect akash-node-values.yml for image tag and remove it if present
helm upgrade akash-node akash/akash-node -n akash-services -f akash-node-values.yml

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