Akash Provider Services v0.1.0 CLI Release Notes

Following the release of Akash Mainnet4 - and the associated split of Akash network and provider repositories - new CLI syntax will be introduced.

NOTE - The syntax updates are rather simple in that they only impact the beginning of command sets with a shift from akash (I.e. akash tx create) to provider-services (I.e. provider-services tx create).

NOTE - please visit this Detailed CLI Steps doc for details on installing the Akash CLI and additional command sets.

In these release notes we detail the new CLI syntax for deployment creation and for the purpose of illustration. The prior CLI command syntax (pre-Mainnet4) will be included for clarity as users transition to a new common syntax.

These changes only impact Akash CLI use and have no impact on application use of Akash Console, Praetor App, Akash Helm Charts, etc.

Create an Akash Deployment

Environment Variable Declarations

No change in our environment variables and may declare using common syntax.

export AKASH_FROM=<keyname>
export AKASH_OWNER=akash1<redacted>
export AKASH_NET="https://raw.githubusercontent.com/akash-network/net/main/mainnet"
export AKASH_CHAIN_ID="$(curl -s "$AKASH_NET/chain-id.txt")"
export AKASH_NODE="$(curl -s "$AKASH_NET/rpc-nodes.txt" | shuf -n 1)"
export AKASH_GAS_PRICES=0.025uakt
export AKASH_GAS=auto

Create Deployment

Post-Mainnet4 Syntax

provider-services tx deployment create deploy.yml

Pre-Mainnet4 Syntax

akash tx deployment create deploy.yml

Declare Deployment Variables

Again no change to environment variables declarations.


View Deployment Bids

Post-Mainnet4 Syntax

provider-services query market bid list

Pre-Mainnet4 Syntax

akash query market bid list

Declare Chosen Provider Env Variable

export AKASH_PROVIDER=akash1<redacted>

Create Lease

Post-Mainnet4 Syntax

provider-services tx market lease create

Pre-Mainnet4 Syntax

akash tx market lease create

Send Manifest to Provider

Post-Mainnet4 Syntax

provider-services send-manifest deploy.yml

Pre-Mainnet4 Syntax

akash provider send-manifest deploy.yml

Confirm Lease Status and Retrieve URI/Ports

Post-Mainnet4 Syntax

provider-services lease-status

Pre-Mainnet4 Syntax

akash provider lease-status

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