Kava RPC Node Deployment

Kava RPC Nodes can be installed easily within an Akash deployment following the step by step instructions found in this guide.

Akash Console Access and Initial Setup

Akash Console Access

The Akash Console can be accessed here.

Akash Console Initial Setup

Connect Wallet

  • The Akash Console currently supports Keplr wallets
  • If Keplr is not installed as a browser extension and/or a funded Akash account is not available, follow the instructions in our Keplr Guide
  • Select the desired Akash account in Keplr and then select the Connect Wallet option within the Akash Console as shown below

Kava RPC Node Deployment

Create a Kava RPC Node as an Akash Deployment

  • Within the Akash Console template gallery, locate the Kava card and select the Deploy Now option

  • Proceed with the deployment of the Kava Node by selecting the Deploy Now option

  • Assign the Deployment an appropriate name and then click Review SDL

  • The Kava RPC Node snapshot is updated every 24 hours and must be changed in the Akash SDL
  • Obtain the latest snapshot URL here. Find the DOWNLOAD hyperlink > right click > and Copy Link Address.
  • Replace the snapshot URL in the field highlighted in the depiction below with the new URL. Ensure the - SNAPSHOT_URL= portion of the field is left in place followed by the actual URL such as:


  • Select Save & Close when this single Akash SDL update is in place.

  • Proceed by selecting Create Deployment

  • The Akash Console will conduct necessary pre-deployment verifications to ensure that a wallet is connected with sufficient funds and that a certificate exists to communicate with the deployment
  • If all pre-deployment checks pass, select the Next option to proceed

  • A Keplr wallet prompt will display requesting approval of a small blockchain fee to proceed with deployment creation
  • Select the Approve option to proceed

  • The Akash open marketplace displays available cloud providers to deploy your Kava RPC Node on
  • Select the cloud provider of your preference
  • Once the cloud provider is selected, select the Submit Deploy Request option

NOTE - the cloud providers available for your deployment may be different than those shown in the example below

  • Accept the Keplr prompt to approve small blockchain fee for lease creation with the selected cloud provider

Kava RPC Node Deployment Complete

  • When the deployment of the Kava RPC Node is complete and live on the selected cloud provider, a verification screen will display
  • Proceed to the Kava RPC Node Health Check section to conduct a health/status check of the node

Kava RPC Node Health Check

Kava RPC Node Status Page

  • In the Akash Console a URL for the deployment is displayed
  • Click on the URL hyperlink

  • From the displayed web page, select the status link to view the current state of the Kava RPC Node

Expected Status When Node is in Sync

  • When the Kava RPC node is in sync the following, example status should be displayed when the status hyperlink is visited
  • Specifically look for "catching_up":false status indicating that the node is in full sync

NOTE - following the snapshot download the RPC Node may take a couple of hours to catch up on blocks that were written between the time of the snapshot capture and the current state

NOTE - the status output provided below is an example and the block height/other attributes will be different in your use


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