Akash Network Projects

These are all the projects that are currently in some state ranging from “ideation” to “release”. To understand the various states see the table at the bottom of this page.

General guidelines for updating this table

  • Projects that are in some working state (ideation or beyond) should have a link to their specific sig or wg page (can even just be a github issue inside the repo for the sig) from the “Project Name”
  • Projects that are in a working state should have a label specified here and linked to a filtered list of github issues for that label
  • Projects that are in a working state should be assigned to a SIG or WG
  • Projects that are not even in ideation (not in a working state) should have a name and a brief description

List of Projects

Project NameLabelDescriptionCommunity GroupState
GPU SupportgpuEverything related to supporting, launching and growing GPUs on Akashwg-gpureleased
Stable payments & SettlementAbility for tenants to pay for deployments using other cryptocurrenciessig-economicsimplementation
Economics 2.0econ-2.0Redesigning Akash Network’s economics model to have fine grained take rates to fund product development and sustainability of the chainsig-economicsreleased
Akash Website RevampImplement new website with refreshed designs and more maintanable tech stackwg-websiteImplementation
Certification Programedu-cert-prgmDefine, build and finalize Akash Network Certification Programsig-educationimplementation
Event Planning 2023Define purpose, lineups, and attendees (and weight of OCL presence) for events that Akash Network would attendsig-communityImplementation
Akash HackathonDefine purpose, structure, timelines and outcomessig-communityreleased
Docs site migrationdocs-site-migrationMigrating the documentation site from gitbooks to something automatable (Hugo?)sig-documentationimplementation
On-Chain AnalyticsBuild data pipeline and analysis tool for onchain analyticssig-analyticsimplementation
Provider Attributesprovider-attrDefining an attribute schema for providers and getting providers to incorporate itwg-provider-attributesimplementation
Authorized Spend ManagementauthzSupporting Authorized Spend (AuthZ) in Akash Consolesig-clientsreleased
Content Moderationcontent-modTools and process for ensuring that providers have visibility into workloads running on them and controls to ensure they don’t violate their terms of servicesig-providersimplementation
Client Librariesclient-libsLibraries for deploying on Akash programmatically using various programming languagessig-clientsimplementation
Provider Services Microservices Refactorprovider-svc-splitSplitting Akash Provider Services into microservices so that we’re able to release and maintain software bettersig-providersimplementation
Provider AnalyticsAnalytics for providers to understand their profitability and ROIsig-analyticsspec-definition
Omnibus Maintenanceomnibus-maintBuilding new reference SDLs and packages for new chains that we want to support. Building automated testing for the supported omnibus chainssig-communityideation
Keeping up with Cosmoscosmos-syncThings we Akash needs to do to stay in sync with Cosmos (SDK changes etc)sig-support
Private Image RepositorySupport for deploying images hosted in private container registries
CI/ CD WorkflowsThings necessary to support CI/ CD style deployments on Akash
Provider Attribute AuditingTooling for auditing provider attributes (like memory, CPU, bandwidth, storage and others) through automated testing before a provider is “officially signed”
Provider MonitoringHooks for being able to pull infrastructure metrics into tools like Prometheus and Grafana for monitoring and logging
Provider Pricing & ProfitabilityTools for providers to set pricing and calculate profitability before they decide to become an Akash provider
Cloud Parity Foundational FeaturesCross Provider Deployments for High Availability (HA). Load balancers. State Management
Cloud Parity Reference ApplicationsBuilding reference applications that mirror the way apps are built in public clouds
StorJ IntegrationSpec and implement what’s needed for users to use StorJ for persistent storage (like S3 or Akash persistent storage)
Log Retention for TenantsSupport retaining tenant deployment logs for longer durations to allow better debugging
JWT AuthenticationAuthentication using Java Web Tokens
Container Image UpdaterAbility to have a new version of a container image be redeployed when the registry image is updated
Reference Provider SetupBuild & Operate a reference provider(s) for Akash Network in a colocation facility.

Project States

A project may be in one of these states. Note that every project does NOT have to touch every one of these states and some projects may remain in a given state for a long time (like an idea that never gets any interest from the community to implement and remains in “ideation” for a long time).

StateDescriptionThings needed
ideationA rough idea for a project has been proposed
spec-definitionSpecification (typically a PRD or a ligher version of it in a github issue) is being worked on by a SIG or WIG and is in review
spec-approvedThe specification for the project has been approved and it has been allocated to specific SIG(s)
designTechnical Design is being worked on (typically by SIG(s) )
implementationActual work to bring the thing to life is happening (code being written, event being organized, docs site being updated)
betaThe project is in beta test phase (where/ when applicable) - typically for products/ features
releasedThe product/ feature has been released to everyone (general availability)
blockedThe project is blocked or stalled because of some reason (documented)
abandonedThe project has been cancelled because no one is willing to shepherd it

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