Akash Token (AKT)

AKT is the native token of the Akash Network. The core utility of AKT acts as a staking mechanism to secure the network and normalize compute prices for the marketplace auction.

Check out the Akash Economics Paper for a detailed overview.


AKT holders can vote on proposals to change the blockchain or stability system parameters including transaction fee limits, usage fee limits (including maker and take thresholds), and accepted currencies.

AKT Validation and Rewards

AKT provides economic security and acts as a reserve currency for cloud exchange. Holders of the token can delegate their voting rights to validators (dedicated nodes responsible for validating transactions). In exchange, they earn a proportion of the fees from transactions, along with usage and staking rewards.

Providers on Akash can leverage staking rewards to offer to compute at 10x lower cost than market rates.

Akash tokens are not currently available for purchase.

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