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Akash at TokenFest

by Allison Silber


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Last month we attended the inaugural TokenFest held right here in San Francisco.  We have become more familiar with the conference circuit having attended a handful of them this year alone. TokenFest was a

While planning for this event, one thing I noticed right away was the pre-event organization. Information was sent clearly, on time, with plenty of room for proper response time. More often than not, we receive last minute information or get immediate requests for assets. From a planning perspective, it was clear that the team behind Token was very serious about producing a professional event.

The level of professionalism rolled over into the entire event as well. The caliber of companies presenting and the attendees we had the opportunity to speak to were impressive, especially compared to what we’ve seen in the past.

TokenFest felt a little more serious in that most people there were genuinely interested in Blockchain and Blockchain-related companies. In the two days we spent there, we had dozens of thoughtful conversations with people who were curious about the technology and looking for solutions for their businesses or smart investments they could make in the space.

Congratulations to the TokenFest team. We are looking forward to the next one!

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