Akash Network Announces Integration Partnership with Cosmostation Wallet

November 24, 2020

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Akash Network Announces Integration Partnership with Cosmostation Wallet

Decentralized cloud computing allows for a faster and more efficient user experience at a cost much lower compared to traditional cloud. Together with Akash Network, Cosmostation will work to give users access to the wide range of use cases enabled by DeCloud as a node operator securing the network and providing useful end-user infrastructures.

David Park, CMO of Cosmostation

As we shared in early November, to increase access and support for Akash Token (AKT), our team engaged with Cosmostation on an integration partnership. 

Today, we’re excited to announce that our integration with Cosmostation, the number one wallet for the Cosmos ecosystem, is complete!

A trusted wallet provider for other top Cosmos projects including Akash partner Kava Labs, Terra, and Iris, Cosmostation is built on the Cosmos SDK and has mobile wallet apps on Android and iOS. 

Cosmostation’s goals are to operate and maintain a secure validator infrastructure for the stability of the network, and to provide essential tools for Cosmonauts to explore the Cosmos universe. Cosmostation is also known for having an excellent block explorer MintScan.io. MintScan.io enables users to view transaction receipts, navigate through individual addresses, monitor network conditions, and browse validator lists.

Akash’s vision of a true Decentralized cloud is only possible with a healthy ecosystem that supports our validators, stakers, and users. 

Cosmostation — considered one of the most respected players in the Proof of Stake world — supporting Akash with Validation and Wallet services not only strengthens our community but the PoS ecosystem as a whole. 

I’m thrilled to welcome Cosmostation to Akash.

-- Greg, CEO of Akash Network

As Lunie will be sunsetting their operations, AKT holders currently on Lunie wallet will need to transition to Cosmostation wallet before November 27th.

What Can AKT Holders Do on Cosmostation Wallet?

Through Cosmostation, AKT holders will be able to:

  • Import, create, watch wallet

  • Check balance

  • Send transactions

  • Browse transaction history

  • Vote for governance proposals

  • Delegation, Undelegation, Re-invest, Rewards, etc.

Please note that both Lunie and Cosmostation are non-custodial wallets and private keys are not stored on wallets, and are recoverable on any wallet with the seed phrase generated during wallet creation. As all accounts are on the blockchain, your AKT will continue staking.

***If you’re currently using the Lunie browser extension, please make sure you backup your keys.

Cosmostation Guides for AKT Holders

Following are helpful links and guides from Cosmostation for leveraging Cosmostation wallet for your AKT.

Cosmostation Wallet iOS App | Cosmostation Wallet Android App

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