Akash Network to Transition from Lunie to Cosmostation Wallet

November 5, 2020

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Akash Network to Transition from Lunie to Cosmostation Wallet

With our Mainnet 1 launch and IEO on BitMax in the past month, we’ve progressed key milestones to secure our network and achieve liquidity for Akash Token (AKT). To expand access and support for AKT, our team has engaged with a number of top ecosystem partners to add additional wallet solutions. 

As our platform is built on the Cosmos SDK, Cosmostation, the number one wallet for the Cosmos ecosystem, was a top choice for our team. In addition to supporting Akash partner Kava Labs, Cosmostation is a trusted wallet provider for a number of other top tier Cosmos projects including Terra and Iris.

In addition to mobile wallet apps on Android and iOS, Cosmostation has an exceptional block explorer MintScan.io

Through Cosmostation, AKT holders will be able to:

  • Import, create, watch wallet

  • Check balance

  • Send transactions

  • Browse transaction history

  • Vote for governance proposals

  • Delegation, Undelegation, Re-invest, Rewards, etc.

Our integration with Cosmostation will be ready by November 21st. Given Lunie’s announcement today that they’ll be sunsetting their operations on November 27th, AKT holders currently on Lunie wallet will need to transition to Cosmostation wallet.

Lunie and Cosmostation are both non-custodial wallets, meaning your private keys are not stored on wallets and recoverable on any wallet with the seed phrase generated during wallet creation. Additionally, as all accounts are on the blockchain, your AKT will continue staking.

We’ll be sharing migration guides with you from Lunie and Cosmostation in the next two weeks, to help you ensure a smooth and friction-less transition.

For those of you using the Lunie browser extension, please make sure you backup your keys.

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