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Akash Weekly: Alani Kuye, Overclock Labs

by Zach Horn


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Akash Weekly With Greg Osuri — a live Twitter Spaces event held every Wednesday at 8am PT. Featuring Overclock Labs’ CEO & Co-Founder, Greg Osuri, and special guests from around the web3 space.

Our guests on this week’s Akash Weekly With Greg Osuri:

  • Greg Osuri, CEO & Co-Founder of Overclock Labs (creators of Akash Network)
  • Alani Kuye, Technical Program Manager at Overclock Labs

Ecosystem Updates

  • Mainnnet 4 Is Coming Soon
  • We plan to launch this network upgrade in the first week of November.

The features below are the four main upgrades of Mainnet 4. IP Leases IP Leases will allow tenants on Akash to request a publicly routable IP address for the services they deploy. Today, you get an HTTP endpoint connected to your service, and Kubernetes assigns the actual port. With IP Leases, a tenant on Akash can request a dedicated IPV4 address, allowing users to assign a specific port instead of a randomly assigned port. IP Leases will unlock the functionality to host Solana nodes on Akash Network.

Provider Services Split This upgrade will separate parts of the behind-the-scenes development process for Overclock Labs and make it easier for us to iterate quickly as we build and grow Akash.

Cosmos IBC3 IBC3 allows one chain to send transactions to another chain. This provides users with access to the most recent features of the Cosmos ecosystem.

Interchain Accounts By enabling Interchain Accounts on Akash, we will provide access to interchain composability and significantly improve the user experience on Akash Network.

After Mainnet 4 has launched, we will shift our focus to enabling GPU support on Akash. We have received significant interest in GPU support from large machine-learning companies. We look forward to enabling this feature to allow the machine-learning space to access the decentralized cloud.

Our special guest this week: Alani Kuye, Overclock Labs

Alani Kuye is the Technical Program Manager at Overclock Labs. Alani has spent the last 21 years in enterprise technology across the U.S. and Europe, with a focus on scalability and rapid deployment. He advocates through technology to drive the evolution of the internet. His personal and professional life span across the U.S., Amsterdam, London, Berlin, and other parts of the world.

“Many of our ecosystem partners ship products every one to two weeks, which is a testament to the strength of our community. Our ecosystem is based on innovation—and brand loyalty to Akash Network.”

What is PTRI? Akash Network’s new program, the Provider and Tenant Retention Initiative (PTRI), incentivizes providers and tenants to participate in Akash Network. It seeks to lower the barrier to entry that sidelines many who want to interact with Akash—on either side of the marketplace.

Anyone can set up a Keplr wallet, generate a referral code, and share it with friends, family, or anyone else they choose. If someone uses that referral code to become a provider or a tenant on Akash (and remains active for a set period), the person who generated the code is rewarded.

This makes it easy for anyone, at any technical skill level, to get involved and spread the word about Akash Network.


Q: Is there a stable economic model that supports AKT? A: Given the financial nature of this topic, please listen to Greg Osuri address this question.

Q: Is there an airdrop coming for AKT stakers from the Passage? A: We believe there will be an airdrop for AKT stakers, but please check Passage’s Twitter for the official announcement of any potential airdrops.

Q: How long do you think the adoption of Web3 will take? A: Mainstream adoption of Web3 is already underway. As more people experience the benefits that Web3 technologies uniquely offer, they will begin to promote the use of these technologies, leading to exponential adoption over time.

Official estimates project 2030 for mainstream adoption of Web3 cloud technologies. Greg Osuri believes we will reach mainstream adoption on a faster timeline—with full mainstream adoption closer to 2027.

Q: How will Interchain Accounts (ICA) be used on Akash Network? A: Today, DAOs have to rely on centralized infrastructure, which is censorable. There is no way, currently, for a DAO to directly control deployments on a decentralized network. Interchain Accounts will allow a DAO on Juno Network (for example) to deploy directly on Akash Network.

With ICA, a smart contract can directly control a deployment without a person needing to manage that deployment.

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