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Akash Weekly with Greg Osuri: Jun 29, 2022

by Joe Deng


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Akash Weekly Spaces is a regular effort hosted via Twitter Spaces to update our community about the ins and outs of Akash Network’s developments. Follow us on Twitter to be notified when Akash Weekly Spaces are live.

On this Spaces: CEO of Overclock Labs, Greg Osuri & Jigar Patel, Founder of Praetor App get together to go over Akash Ecosystem updates and the story of Akash Accelerator alum, Praetor’s success so far, and its vital role within Web3.

Praetor Introduction

Praetor App is a Web3 and blockchain application development group focused on decentralized applications that further the evolution of the internet. They reduced the onboarding experience on Akash by 83%, so a person can become a provider/host in 20 minutes or less.

Akash Ecosystem Updates

Akash Usage & Adoption

  • Paloma, a new Cosmos SDK-based messenger chain that has 7% of its validators running on Akash.

 Akash GPU Marketplace is Closer Than You Think

  • Messari Crypto wrote about how Akash is a viable option for ETH miners post-merge. Click here to read the full article.

  • Greg gives an update that the GPU marketplace will have a demo soon.
  • Akash GPU prices would be 20 to 50% less than current market prices.

Importance of Decentralized Infrastructure

  • The recent Cloudflare outage demonstrated how dependent some decentralized dapps and blockchains were and that this needs to change immediately.

  • Over 50% of Eth nodes are hosted on centralized servers. There means, there is a huge opportunity to migrate these to become more decentralized, especially given the amount of miner value there is to be extracted from the price differences between Akash and middleman cloud providers.

Solana Mobile Phone Possibilities

  • Gregs shares his thoughts and gives use-cases where Solana, an Akash partner, going into mobile phones could have great opportunities for everyone in the ecosystem.
  • Example use-case include lightweight processing on the mobile phone and heavyweight processing on Akash’s network in the cloud, running on the Helium Network.

Thoughts on the Current Market

  • This time, the focus will be on user experience, growth, and people utilizing actual products.
  • Bullish on Cosmos: we’re optimistic about the sovereign model that Cosmos provides, which allows you to provide the kind of user experience that growth stage networks or organizations want. Akash is poised well to take advantage of the potential growth of Cosmos as more dapps and orgs scale to their own chains.

Akash is Currently Hiring

We are looking to expand our team by 20% by the end of the year. With seven positions open in Engineering, Marketing, and Developer Relations, we are seeking a variety of talent to join our team.

Click here to view all open positions and apply.

Guest Highlight: Praetor App

Praetor started as a cloud provider on Akash and went on to build a Praetor App that offered a streamlined mechanism to get started as an Akash Provider.

They have improved the Akash provider onboarding experience by reducing onboarding time by over 83%. This means you can become an Akash provider/host in 20 minutes or less. This reduces the barrier to entry for individuals and entities looking to join the Web3 revolution.

In addition to the Praetor Provider build app, the team has created great tools for viewing current Akash Providers and a Provider revenue calculator.

To read the full case study, on ”How to Become an Akash provider in 20 Minutes of Less,” click here. To see a recap of our AMA with Praetor, click here.

We invite you to dive deeper into the recap audio on our YouTube Channel below.

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