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Akash Weekly with Greg Osuri: August Updates, and Ali Merchant on Akash’s Developer Experience

by Zach Horn


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Akash Weekly with Greg Osuri is our weekly community call hosted on Twitter Spaces. Each week, we cover the latest news and updates from Akash Network with our CEO, Greg Osuri.

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On this Akash Weekly:

  • Greg Osuri, CEO & Co-Founder of Overclock Labs (creator of Akash Network) @gregosuri
  • Ali Merchant, Developer Relations Lead at Overclock Labs

Our topics this week:

  • Updates from August.
  • Enterprises begin to repatriate their data centers.
  • Ali Merchant gives an overview of how we will work to make Akash intuitive for developers.
  • Q&A with our community.

August Updates from Greg Osuri

Akash was top-of-mind in the wake of a large centralized cloud provider banning Web3 from their platform. Many on Twitter suggested Akash as a decentralized Web3 solution for developers looking to build on an open cloud without fearing arbitrary censorship and banning.

Akash Network generated more than 7,000 tweets per hour at the peak trending volume.

This publicity is a testament to the work being done by Overclock Labs in building and supporting the Akash Ecosystem. This also reflects the continued efforts of Akash’s incredible community, who help the network grow and evolve. Keep up the great work, keep sharing your projects, and keep engaging with us on social media—we love seeing your efforts!

Chia Partners with Akash Network for Bladebit Disk Launch

Chia Network has partnered with Akash Network for the launch of their new plotting software, Bladebit Disk. This new version of the popular Bladebit plotting software makes it easier for users to create plots across a broader range of system requirements. Bladebit Disk also scales exceptionally well in virtualized Kubernetes environments—making Akash a perfect launch partner to help users experience everything Bladebit Disk has to offer.

We are proud to work with Chia to bring Bladebit Disk to people around the world, and we look forward to continued collaboration on future projects.

Akash Network Officially Welcomes Spheron

We would like to welcome Spheron to Akash Network as a protocol client. Spheron is a developer-friendly platform that makes it simple to deploy Javascript-based applications to the cloud. We are excited to welcome them to the ecosystem and look forward to seeing them grow on Akash Network.

The Akash Community Continues to Grow

We are excited to see our community continue to expand and evolve as more projects choose Akash as the decentralized Web3 network of choice.

We would like to highlight Cloudmos and Praetor for their continued work building great products that make it easy for anyone to access Akash Network.

Our Ecosystem page on akash.network showcases all the projects currently on Akash Network.

Enterprises Begin to Repatriate Their Data Centers

The $500 billion cloud infrastructure industry is undergoing a massive shift. Enterprises are beginning to realize that over time, the centralized cloud is an expensive proposition.

The co-founders of Overclock Labs wrote about the concept in the whitepaper that launched Akash Network. It has been an amazing journey watching this early vision of the cloud industry’s progression become a reality.

It will be likely that these repatriated data centers will have underutilized compute—which creates an incredible adoption opportunity for Akash Network.

An Overview of the Developer Experience on Akash with Ali Merchant

Ali views the development of blockchain technology as similar to the early internet. It’s important for developers to begin to learn about blockchain, and the potential impacts it will have on many industries.

Web3 and blockchain technology are not necessarily perfect solutions for every problem. Understanding where to apply Web3 tech to solve specific problems requires more than a passing understanding of the technology. Developers have the opportunity to begin learning and experimenting with the technology before it reaches the mainstream. This will give adventurous developers a head start on the adoption of blockchain technology more broadly.

Ali first learned about Akash in 2017. He notes that one of the things that drew him to Akash was the platform being live and operational in a space where many other projects are not. Akash Network was providing value immediately to its users, is still building on that functionality today, and has a strong roadmap planned for the future.

Ali believes that Akash Network will shine as Web3 reaches mainstream adoption.


Q: How decentralized are Akash’s validator nodes?

A: Akash validators can run on any provider platform, including colocation data centers and on bare metal. We are working on reporting to gain more information about the state of Akash’s validators.

Q: Is there a team within Overclock Labs working on enterprise adoption?

A: We are always working towards increasing adoption, especially for enterprise providers and tenants. We have a business development team that is always open to conversations around moving onto Akash Network.

Q: Is there a plan to support something like Firecracker in the future?

A: Firecracker support is coming soon to Akash Network.

Q: Is there an attribute filtering mechanism on Akash Network?

A: Yes, there is a way to filter for certain provider attributes. Providers will also advertise when they make new features available to the network.

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