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Akash Weekly With Greg Osuri: Comdex and Cloudmos Are Building the Future of Cosmos

by Zach Horn


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Akash Weekly with Greg Osuri is our weekly community call hosted on Twitter Spaces. Each week, we cover the latest news and updates from Akash Network with our CEO, Greg Osuri.

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On this Akash Weekly:

Highlights from this week:

  • Coinbase features Akash Network as a leading solution for decentralized compute.

  • Comdex is building a suite of DeFi solutions for the cosmos ecosystem.

  • Cloudmos has launched its custom SDL builder and continues to build new tools for the Akash ecosystem.

Akash Ecosystem Updates from Greg Osuri

It’s been a busy week for Akash Network. Here are a few highlights from across the ecosystem:

Coinbase features Akash as one of the top solutions for decentralized compute. This week, Coinbase published a guide for Web3 developers highlighting projects from all parts of the Web3 ecosystem. The projects included make up all the protocols and tools needed to develop a fully decentralized Web3 application. In the section for decentralized cloud compute—Akash Network was featured as the leading network in the category. This further highlights that Akash Network is top-of-mind for developers looking to create truly decentralized applications.

Spheron and Akash Network are official integration partners. Spheron has been working closely with Akash Network over the past few weeks, and we are excited to announce that Spheron will feature Akash Network as its featured integration. We look forward to seeing even more growth from Spheron on Akash.

Cloudmos officially announces its custom SDL builder. Cloudmos has launched a tool that allows a user to easily define the parameters for their deployments, and the tool will do the work of automatically creating the SDL (Stack Definition Language) needed to create the deployment. This will make it even easier for more users to define many different types of applications and remove another potential barrier to deployment. 

Greg Osuri gives a preview of on-chain deployments on Akash Network. Check out the YouTube recording of this Akash Weekly to hear Greg explain how this feature could potentially work in his own words.

Comdex Is Building the DeFi Infrastructure Layer for the Cosmos Ecosystem

Comdex, a suite of DeFi solutions for the Cosmos ecosystem, started as a solution for digitizing the commodities trade industry—one of the largest industries in the world and the “lifeblood of the supply chain globally,” according to Siddarth Patil, COO of Comdex, “…as the crypto ecosystem legitimizes itself, we want to build the infrastructure rails for facilitating that interaction of capital between DeFi and CeFi.”

Comdex intends to build out a full-fledged ecosystem to bring real-world assets on-chain. They have started building a stablecoin protocol called CMST, which is live on testnet, along with a decentralized exchange called cSwap. Explore the rest of Comdex’s ecosystem here.

Many parts of Comdex’s apps are hosted on Akash Network, and they are working to bring even more of their ecosystem onto Akash. They mention that it is critical for DeFi to move to decentralized infrastructure.

Siddarth notes that Comdex discovered Akash Network through its visibility in the Cosmos ecosystem, and also through meetings with Greg Osuri, CEO of Overclock Labs, and Boz Menzalji, COO of Overclock Labs.

Cloudmos Is Building Tools for Akash and the Cosmos Ecosystem

Cloudmos is a set of tools, and a deployment platform, made for Akash Network and its ecosystem. These tools include: A fully functional block explorer with built-in analytics, a deploy tool GUI for easily creating deployments, as well as being a validator for Akash Network.

Max found Akash Network through its visibility in the Cosmos ecosystem, much like Comdex. 

Cloudmos is an alum of Akash Accelerator and remains a participant in the program. Max notes that his discussions and meetings with Alani Kuye, Technical Program Manager at Overclock Labs, have helped Cloudmos to better align its roadmap and vision. Akash Accelerator is a great way to get guidance and actionable advice straight from the Overclock Labs teams.

Max is also a founding member of the Akash Insiders. The Akash Insiders program is a great way to get deeply involved with the core of the Akash Network community and to get access to new features before they are fully released to the network. The Insiders are managed day-to-day by Adam Wozney, Head of Community at Overclock Labs.


Q: What are the personal uses of a proxy server?

A: A proxy server could be used to cache certain parts of a web application for different regions. It could also be used to reduce bandwidth costs by caching a webpage. 

Q: How can a beginner use the SDL builder?

A: Greg notes that the SDL builder will greatly simplify the creation process, and make it easier to deploy seamlessly to Akash.

Q: How will fiat payments on Akash affect AKT (Akash’s Utility Token)? 

A: Fiat payments will make it easier for more people to access Akash Network. Most of the world is not Web3-fluent and is more familiar with fiat payments systems. As Akash’s adoption increases, projects like Vixēllo will allow enterprises and others to access the network with seamless fiat payments.

Crucially, fiat payments will not hinder the usage of AKT. Projects that offer fiat payments will still have to acquire AKT in order to facilitate those deployments on Akash Network. The only way to deploy on Akash at the base level is with AKT. 

More payment types will increase the usage of AKT by bringing ultimately bringing more users to the network.

Q: What does Kava Proposal 97 mean for Akash Network? 

A: Kava Foundation recently announced their Ecosystem Fund. They will finance companies that are going to build on Kava, and they also want to ensure that these companies are aligned with the ethos of decentralization and Akash Network. Kava will be providing rewards to those selected companies building on Akash. 

Akash Network is proud to collaborate with Kava Network, and we look forward to working together to support and enable builders in the Cosmos ecosystem to create a more robust, decentralized future.

Closing Thoughts from Greg Osuri

Cloudmos began as Akashlytics, which was built by Max as a separate application—and not affiliated with the core team at Overclock Labs. Over time, the application evolved into a fully-fledged deployment platform with many tools that provide value to the ecosystem. Many other developers have followed suit in building apps for Akash.

We are proud to see the organic growth the Akash ecosystem has achieved over time. This is what will take Akash to the next level, and bring more and more adoption to the network.

Organic growth is a long road. It takes time, and a strong product-market fit to achieve real growth—growth that is not purely the result of incentives.

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