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Akash Weekly with Greg Osuri: Julian Morales from Vixēllo

by Zach Horn


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Akash Weekly with Greg Osuri is our weekly community call hosted on Twitter Spaces. Each week, we cover the latest news and updates from Akash Network with our CEO, Greg Osuri.

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On this Akash Weekly:

  • Greg Osuri, CEO & Co-Founder of Overclock Labs (creator of Akash Network) @gregosuri 

  • Julian Morales, Head of Technology at Vixēllo

Our topics this week:

  • Updates from around the ecosystem

  • Vixēllo: Making the open cloud easier to use and more compatible for enterprise use-cases

  • Dispelling misguided Akash FUD


  • Overclock Labs welcomes Ali Merchant as our Developer Relations Lead. Ali comes to Akash from Ignite (formerly Tendermint). Follow him on Twitter @Ali_the_Curios.

  • A reminder that the Overclock Labs team will be attending Messari Mainnet in NYC from September 21-23. Use code AKASH300 at checkout for $300 off of your ticket purchase. 

  • Also, Adam Bozanich (Co-Founder of Overclock Labs) and Adam Wozney (Head of Community at Overclock Labs) will be speaking at Cosmoverse in Medellín, Columbia between September 26-28.

Greg Osuri’s Akash Ecosystem Updates

Two new projects deploy on Akash Network
Every week we see more projects join the Akash ecosystem. We would like to highlight two new projects that have recently been deployed on Akash: 

Stakewolle is a staking service provider for multiple chains across the space.

Money.space enables deep interblockchain liquidity for stable assets.

If you deploy a project on Akash, be sure to include the Powered by Akash logo on the project site, and tweet us at @akashnet_ with the hashtag #PoweredByAkash to be discovered by the Akash community.

Allnodes lists Akash Network
Allnodes, a non-custodial platform for node hosting and staking, has listed Akash Network. This gives Akash even more exposure to the wider staking ecosystem.

Cloudmos’ On-Chain Funding
Congratulations to Cloudmos for the approval of their on-chain fundraise. This is a testament to the strength of the community in supporting its favorite projects on Akash and across the Cosmos ecosystem.

DeFund Airdrop to AKT Holders
Check out DeFund’s article for more information.

Dimokus (Akash Insider) is Working to Enable VPN Deployments on Akash
Once finished, it will be easy for anyone to deploy a VPN on Akash. Although there will be a slight tradeoff in performance, a VPN on Akash’s decentralized cloud gives users complete control over access to the VPN itself, and also to the VPN’s log files—which is key to maintaining true privacy online.

Greg Osuri Addresses Misguided Akash FUD

There has been some FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) on Twitter recently, stemming from a tweet that claimed to show data that many nodes on Akash were running on a very well-known centralized cloud provider.

This is simply false.

The data in the tweet appears to show testing data and does not reflect the actual active providers currently on Akash Network. It is unknown whether this misleading data was posted maliciously, or if the poster simply did not know how to compile accurate provider data from the network. We have reached out to them, but have received no response.

We will publish our own analysis on this topic in the coming weeks. In the meantime, our preliminary data suggests that there are zero nodes running on the large centralized provider in question.

Julian Morales Gives an Overview of Vixēllo

Vixēllo is a validator on Akash network and a platform for staking, delegating, and governance. They started with validator nodes across several projects, and are working to expand their offerings over time.

Their roadmap includes building a seamless on-ramp to Akash Network by offering credit card payment and invoicing. This will enable enterprises to access Akash that currently cannot use decentralized networks because of the inability to receive an invoice for payments made on the network.

Julian’s ‘lightbulb’ moment for Akash Network came from his first-hand experience with the product. He quickly realized that not only was deploying on Akash possible today—it was better than many other alternatives. This is something we hear over and over again from new members of the Akash ecosystem. 

Vixēllo notes that the experience of being a validator on Akash has been seamless. The team at Overclock Labs is always ready and available to make onboarding as a provider and validator as easy as possible and to provide support as needed.


Q: A question for Julian—What is the reason that it is difficult for enterprises to use Akash currently and how does Vixēllo help?

A: Enterprises typically need invoices for their expense payments. If an enterprise company is going to have an expense for cloud compute, they often need to be able to pay in fiat—and then to receive an invoice for that payment. 

Vixēllo is working to build a fiat on-ramp for Akash Network that will allow users to pay with a credit card (to be able to pay with fiat) and also to receive an invoice for their payment. They will accomplish this by working with several banks in Singapore. 

Overclock Labs is Hiring

Akash still has openings for a Sr. Software Engineer (equivalent to an L7 at Google). We are focusing mainly on Kubernetes experience for this role and are willing to provide background and guidance on Blockchain as needed. This role will be integral to creating the architecture of the open cloud.

We are also actively searching for a VP of Marketing.

If you know someone who might be a good fit for either of these roles—please reach out to us. We are willing to reward any successful referrals generously.

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