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Akash Weekly with Greg Osuri: July 13, 2022

by Joe Deng


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Akash Weekly is a regular effort hosted via Twitter Spaces to update our community about the ins and outs of Akash Network’s developments. Follow us on Twitter to be notified when Akash Weekly’s are live.

On this Spaces: CEO of Overclock Labs, Greg Osuri and Rebecca Liao, the Co-founder and CEO of Saga get together to go over the partnership between Saga and Akash, Ecosystem and AKT updates.

Saga Introduction

Saga is a protocol that allows developers to take a single-tenant VM and automatically launch it on a dedicated blockchain, complete with fully provisioned validators and an optimally incentivized security structure.

Akash Ecosystem Updates 

Another week, another all-time high of usage on Akash 🔥.

  • The increased demand is attributed to our ongoing partnership with Chia. Read more about the Akash X Chia partnership, here.
  • Greater demand signals increasing utility being discovered.

Provider Updates

  • Praetor App’s success with onboarding new providers results in Akash’s highest active provider counts to date.
  • There are now 44 active providers on Akash with a high fill rate, which means they are profitable and encouraging more providers to join our network.

Inter-chain Accounts are Ready

  • ICA opens up new interoperability options within the Cosmos ecosystem. Read more about that, here.
  • Usecase Example: Juno DAO can spin up Akash services and pay for them using native JUNO tokens.
  • Usecase Example: Secret Network can offer ownerless deployments where you won’t necessarily need to disclose who the owner is when Akash is being used with Secret.

Powered By Akash is on the Rise

Guest Highlight: Saga

Saga is a Cosmos SDK-based chain that is deploying application blockchains as a service. Using interchain security, Saga gives developers all the benefits of having their own block space without having to set up their own network of validators themselves. The whole process can be done as easily as deploying a smart contract.

  • Option to automatically set up their own dedicated chains.
  • Gas fees can be set by the developers and are predictable because the users are not sharing block space with a bunch of other applications that they have no control over.

Synergies for Akash and Saga

Saga is a shared state chain that enables rapid startup of new chains. In terms of being able to supply the processing capacity to power the chain. Greg believes Akash really helps in terms of being able to provide the computation to power the chain. Users will no longer be required to have a separate account and will not need to go out of their existing community in order to buy AKT to use computing on the Akash Network.

Saga wants its validators to have automatic access to the computing power that Akash can provide. The composability and inter-chain accounts also open a big opportunity for future collaborations.

Below is a quick outline of topics discussed, we invite you to dive deeper into the original recap here on our YouTube Channel.

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