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Akash Weekly With Greg Osuri: MASQ Network

by Zach Horn


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Akash Weekly with Greg Osuri is our weekly community call hosted on Twitter Spaces. Each week, we cover the latest news and updates from Akash Network with our CEO, Greg Osuri.

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On this Akash Weekly:

Highlights from this week:

  • Updates from the ecosystem, including Akash Network’s integration in a U.S. Department of Defense hackathon.

  • KauriHero: Building a Web3-native browser with privacy at its core.

  • Q&A with the Akash Network community.

Greg Osuri’s Weekly Ecosystem Updates

Akash Network and Secret Network Used in Hackathon-Winning U.S. Department of Defense Project. Both Akash Network and Secret Network were used in a prize-winning application from the DoD’s Bravo 1 Hackathon. According to Moultrie Audits, “the application won first place for ‘Most Tactically Relevant for Maintenance Data,’ and second place for ‘Most Tactically Relevant for Cyber Operations.’”

(Read the announcement tweet from @AuditsMoultrie here

Mainnet 4 is coming soon. Akash will announce the dates in the next few weeks. Mainnet 4 will have Interchain accounts, and this will allows users to deploy directly on Akash from a Secret account.

Bi23 joins Akash Network as an Ecosystem Partner. They have moved their website onto Akash, and we love to see more and more projects deploy on the network. If you deploy on Akash, make sure to share on Twitter and tag @akashnet_ so we can spotlight your project for the Akash community.

Chia publishes an article featuring Akash Network for plotting and farming.

MASQ Is Building a Decentralized, Privacy-Focused Browser for Web3

MASQ is creating a user-first Web3 browser experience that integrates privacy by design. Their browser combines the best of Web2 and Web3 into a seamless experience that will appeal to users from both groups. It is also powered by native peer-to-peer payments using crypto, without the need for user accounts or subscriptions.

Kauri references a well-known diagram, created by a16z, that lays out the progression from Web2 to Web3:

Web1: Read

Web2: Read + Write

Web3: Read + Write + Own

Akash and MASQ take this concept a step further, by giving users the ability to participate in and own a piece of the underlying infrastructure that will support the transition from Web2 to Web3.

Web3 has a chance to redefine how developers look at open-source systems. The difference between open systems on Web3 and the closed systems of Web2, are the increases in functionality that come with Web3 networks. The open systems that characterize Web3 come with massive increases in functionality and composability—a large portion of the Web3 learning curve is understanding the full scope of these decentralized, open source networks.

Improving the developer experience has the potential to take Web3 to places that Web2 couldn’t reach.


Q: How is MASQ similar to what Sentinel is doing with their dVPN?

A: Sentinel uses a single-point VPN to route users’ traffic. MASQ hops traffic across three other users (like Tor). There is no central point of failure for MASQ, as it is a ‘mesh network’—although both are decentralized tools.

Q: How is the Brave browser similar or different from MASQ?

A: MASQ is focused on creating Web3-native features. An average user won’t be able to tell that MASQ’s entire stack is decentralized, which makes for a seamless user experience.

Q: Akash has another token unlock upcoming. How is this expected to impact AKT?

A: We remain confident that our investors are focused on Akash over the long term. Listen to Greg Osuri’s thoughts in the audio recording of this Akash Weekly.

Listen to the full audio recording

Click here to listen to the full audio recording on our YouTube channel.

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