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Akash Weekly With Greg Osuri: Messari Mainnet, Spheron, Token Unlocks, and More

by Zach Horn


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Akash Weekly with Greg Osuri is our weekly community call hosted on Twitter Spaces. Each week, we cover the latest news and updates from Akash Network with our CEO, Greg Osuri.

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On this Akash Weekly:

Ecosystem news from this week:

  • The launch of Overclock Console at Messari Mainnet.

  • Mainnet 4 is coming in a few weeks.

  • GPU support on Akash Network is coming soon.


Overclock Labs At Messari Mainnet 2022

The Overclock Labs team headed to Messari Mainnet for three days of events, talks, presentations, and networking—to spread the word about Akash Network, debut Overclock Console, and to see our friends from around the Web3 space.

Overclock Labs’ CEO, Greg Osuri, spoke on a panel alongside Mary Gooneratne (Bridgesplit), Rachel Saunders (Apex Crypto), and Paul Brody (EY).

Anil Murty Presents Overclock Console at Messari Mainnet

Overclock Labs’ Head of Product, Anil Murty (@climbriderunner), revealed Overclock Console during his workshop at Mainnet yesterday.

Overclock Console makes is easy and intuitive to create new deployments, and manage active deployments on Akash Network.

Over the next few days, we will be releasing the full recording of Anil’s talk, which includes the full Console demo—along with lots of content around Console, how it works, and its use-cases.

We will be releasing Console to the public in the next few weeks. Keep an eye on our social channels and this newsletter for the official launch date.

Anil Murty, Head of Product at Overclock Labs, demonstrating Overclock Console live at Messari Mainnet.

Ecosystem Updates from Greg Osuri

Akash Mainnet 4 is coming soon. With the launch of Mainnet 4, IP leases will be coming to Akash Network.

GPU support. Once IP leases are live on the network—we will shift our focus to launching GPU support on Akash.

Overclock Labs at Cosmoverse. Several members of the Overclock Labs team are heading to Medellín, Columbia for Cosmoverse. Adam Bozanich, CTO and Co-Founder of Overclock Labs, and Adam Wozney, Head of Community at Overclock Labs, will both be speaking.

Spheron, and the Need for Decentralized Infrastructure

Prashant Maurya, CEO & Co-Founder of Spheron, comes to Web3 with a background in healthcare, ERP, and HRMS. He was a solutions architect and led large teams across his career—spanning eight years. He believes that for Web3 to succeed, we will need scalable infrastructure that is native to Web3 and the ethos of decentralization.

The challenge in building web3 is finding decentralized infrastructure. The purpose of Spheron is to make the decentralized ecosystem accessible for developers and builders.

Spheron is launching its marketplace in the coming weeks. This will address the growing problem of developers wanting to move to Web3, and onto decentralized networks, but lacking a solution that is easy and intuitive.

Spheron will be launching on Optimism, Arbitrum, and eventually onto most EVM-compatible chains within the next 2-3 months. Behind the scenes, Akash Network will be facilitating access to decentralized compute—regardless of the chain.

Cheng Wang, CFO of Overclock Labs on Token Unlocks

Overclock Labs’ CFO, Cheng Wang, joins us today to talk about AKT and token unlocks. Cheng leads financial operations and strategy at Overclock Labs.

Prior to Overclock Labs, Cheng served as the CFO for Workshop, a premier blockchain startup. He spent over eight years at premier financial institutions, before founding and managing his own retail businesses in NYC. His experience includes extended tenures with Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and RBS—where he served as a Vice President, focusing on debt and valuations. His financial expertise includes equity, debt valuations, derivatives instruments, and portfolio management.

Given the financial nature of this section—please listen to Cheng directly in the full audio recording.

Nothing mentioned here, or in the audio recording, should be construed as financial advice.


Q: Is there any chance the team is planning to improve the volume and liquidity of AKT on centralized exchanges?

A: AKT is listed on Kraken, Ascendex, and Kucoin—among others. We are always seeking additional exchange venues that would be a good fit for listing AKT.

For background, the process to be listed on a centralized exchange is arduous. Each exchange has its own economic considerations, its own pipelines, and things to weigh. Simply listing on an exchange will not necessarily drive volume. Product and user adoption is more likely to drive volume over the long term.

Q: How will the last token unlock affect the price of AKT?

A: (As before, please listen to Cheng speak directly to this question in the audio recording).

Listen to the full recording of this Akash Weekly.

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