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April Recap

by Kelsey Ruiz


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April was all hands on deck to launch Mainnet 3.

We were overwhelmed and inspired by the persistence of our core dev team as well as the coordination from our validators and community members (we love you guys!). 

“This [Mainnet 3] is a huge milestone for Akash Network. We launched the network in March of 2021. After a year of listening to our users, gathering feedback, and optimizing for the developer, we’re excited to deliver an upgrade that demonstrates the capabilities of Akash Network to support decentralized cloud infrastructure, accelerate Web3, and help users move away from centralized cloud service providers.”

Greg Osuri, Founder of Akash Network and CEO of Overclock Labs

Product Progress 

At block height 5,629,650, we successfully upgraded the network. This upgrade (v0.16) introduces enterprise-grade features like persistent storage, necessary for running all high-resource workloads. This enables developers greater flexibility for running real-world applications, like deploying validators and nodes, and expanding applications for the mining community.

Key features that are now available through the v0.16 upgrade include: 

  • Persistent Storage 

  • Fractional uAKT

  • Authorized Spend 

To read the full Mainnet 3 announcement click, here



This month, Crypto.com announced that they are now supporting deposits and withdrawals of AKT via Cronos. Click here to see more. 

Kraken (US Trading) 

Kraken unlocked US Trading for AKT. Click here for more details. 

Superfluid Staking on OSMO/AKT

With a community vote of a 77.86% turnout, we had the strongest community turnout of all SFS votes to date! The community has been instrumental in contributing to the AKT/OSMO pool since its launch. 

Click here to learn more. 

Community & Events 

It was a busy month for the Akash community. We hosted weekly community calls with 1,242 attendees, various contests, and blog bounties that garnered 300 participants. Most notably, we worked with our 31-member Akash Insider community reviewing Testnet 3 challenge submissions. 

The breakdown: 

  • Akash Insiders: huge shout out to the Akash Insiders for reviewing thousands of Testnet challenge submissions over the course of the month. We could not have done it without you! If you’re interested in becoming an Akash Insider, click here

  • Osmosis Meme Competition: working alongside the Osmosis Ministery of Marketing, we participated in an OSMO/AKT meme contest. The competition was fierce, but only three meme artists were selected as first, second, and third place winners. Click here to see all meme submissions. 

  • Daily Telegram Coffee Talks: this month, we began hosting 30-minute daily coffee talks on our Telegram channel. The first coffee talk was about home office setup, something we all live with in this (almost) post-pandemic world. Click here to make sure you’re in the loop for our next Coffee Talk. 

  • Weekly Blog Contest Winners: we hosted four blog reading contests, a new tradition where we reward diligent community members 25 AKT for reading previous blog posts and answering questions. It’s a great way to learn more about Akash and earn some AKT for your efforts! To participate, head on over to our Discord announcements channel where we’ll post new contests each Friday.

Lastly, we celebrated the one-year anniversary of Adam Wozney, our Head of Community joining Overclock labs. We’re so happy to have him on the team. Check out his introductory blog post here.

Notable Coverage 

What’s Next

We’re heading to sunny Florida to mingle with some of the top minds in crypto this May 17 - 19 at Permissionless. We’ll speak alongside some of the leading voices in crypto during three days of expert panels, Meetups, and networking events. 

Our team is growing! We’re always on the lookout for great talent and currently have positions open for a Content Marketing Associate, Developer Relations Lead, Sr. DevOps/Site Reliability Engineer, and a Distributed Systems Engineer. If you’re interested in joining the Akash Network, the infrastructure that powers Web3, click here

Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Telegram to stay in the loop on the latest news and updates. For technical support, head to our Discord or Forum.

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