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Brev.dev Leverages Akash Network's Permissionless GPU Infrastructure to Seamlessly Scale

by Zach Horn


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Brev.dev, a platform that enables easy setup of Jupyter notebooks for AI development, has announced its integration with Akash Network, the premier decentralized cloud marketplace. This integration will allow Brev to scale its platform with permissionless access to the most in-demand NVIDIA GPU models provided by the Akash Supercloud.

Brev has established itself as the easiest way for AI developers to get up and running with GPUS in the cloud and describes itself as “the missing Google Colab pro tier.” Its user-friendly interface provisions all the necessary dependencies for working with the leading open-source AI models, including CUDA, Python, and Jupyter Lab, in an easy, 1-click deployment. Brev.dev empowers developers to iterate their fine-tuning and inference workflows rapidly on best-in-class AI models including Mistral-7B, Llama 2 & 3, and many more.

Akash Network is a decentralized cloud computing marketplace that provides permissionless access to cloud resources. By enabling anyone to become a cloud provider and monetize their compute, Akash has established itself at the forefront of the decentralized AI movement as the space has grown considerably over the past few years.

The integration between Brev.dev and Akash Network brings together the best of both worlds. Developers can now enjoy the familiar and streamlined development experience provided by Brev.dev with an even wider range of GPU models, made possible by the decentralized cloud infrastructure offered by Akash.

The key benefits of Brev’s integration with Akash include:

  1. Permissionless Access to GPUs: With Akash, Brev can access a wide range of GPUs, giving developers even more options when creating new deployments.

  2. Supercloud Scale: Akash is an open-source and permissionless compute marketplace, enabling Brev to scale its platform by tapping into Akash’s supply of in-demand NVIDIA GPUs.

  3. Cost Optimization: Akash Network’s marketplace provides industry-leading pricing on high-performance GPUs, including NVIDIA H100, A100, A6000, and many more models across the entire range from consumer to datacenter.

Developers gain access to a globally distributed network of computing resources and competitive pricing by deploying applications on Akash GPUs via Brev. This ensures high availability, scalability, and resilience for their applications. Moreover, Akash’s decentralized nature will provide Brev with enhanced flexibility in offering deployment configurations to developers, as the network comprises a large number of independent providers distributed around the world, with different price points and resource types.

This integration will significantly increase Akash’s utilization while providing Brev with the necessary compute to scale. In addition, this is an excellent proof point of the adoption of the decentralized cloud, which will ultimately simplify the workflow of developing AI applications and fine-tuning the leading open-source AI models while making this workflow widely available and accessible to developers of all skill levels. Visit Brev.dev today to get started with your first deployment on Akash GPUs.

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