Don’t Miss The Unstoppable Stack at IFX2019

December 3, 2019

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Don’t Miss The Unstoppable Stack at IFX2019

Our team is excited to be heading to Las Vegas this week for Packet’s IFX2019 conference to connect with and learn from our peers in the cloud infrastructure ecosystem. Our CEO Greg Osuri will be presenting the Keynote session “The Unstoppable Stack” at 2pm to 2:30pm in the Great Hall. He’ll be sharing how we’re building the world’s first open, permissionless, sovereign, and secure supercloud and marketplace, and making it unstoppable.

What does Greg mean by Unstoppable? Find out in the Q&A below, and don’t miss his Keynote on Wednesday to learn more!

Quick Q&A with Greg Osuri, Cofounder & CEO of Akash Network

What is your principle behind “Unstoppable”?

The principle behind Unstoppable is fully sovereign cloud infrastructure that cannot be challenged or taken down by adversaries and hackers. It’s a system designed without assuming trust. Today, you assume providers will protect your data and keep your network up, that they have your best interest in mind. How do you plan for the opposite? 

How did this shape your development philosophy?

At Akash, we designed a cloud with a system that does not incorporate the comfort of assumptions, leveraging Peer-to-Peer (P2P). Users are responsible for peer infrastructure deployment. If a node or institution goes down, another node can pick it up. It’s politically and physically decentralized, but logically centralized with single state data.

What can your audience expect to learn at your IFX Keynote?

I’ll be providing context and an understanding of the opportunities, challenges, and different approaches in decentralized cloud, as well as economic incentives. Essentially, how do we create a public cloud today with learnings from past generations, and new tools like containerization, Kubernetes, game theory, and radically different economic models.

I’ll also cover how to use old tools in new workflows and new tools in old workflows. 

What are you looking forward to at IFX2019?

I’m excited about seeing Bare Metal become a first class cloud deployment option.

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