Mainnet 4: Upgrade Timing, Resources, and More

November 17, 2022

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Mainnet 4: Upgrade Timing, Resources, and More

Note: this post will be updated with news, updates, and links to resources throughout the day.

Today is the day! Akash’s Mainnet 4 upgrade is on track to reach the specified block height within a few minutes of 6:15 PM GMT / 1:15 PM EST / 10:15 AM PST.

[Keep an eye on the estimated upgrade timing here](

Mainnet 4 features

  1. IP Leases
    IP Leases will allow tenants on Akash to request a publicly routable IP address for the services they deploy. Today, you get an HTTP endpoint connected to your service, and Kubernetes assigns the actual port. With IP Leases, a tenant on Akash can request a dedicated IPV4 address, allowing users to assign a specific port instead of a randomly assigned port.

  2. Provider Services Split
    This feature will separate parts of the behind-the-scenes development process for Overclock Labs and make it easier to iterate quickly and efficiently.

  3. Cosmos IBC3
    IBC3 allows one chain to send transactions to another chain. This gives users access to the latest IBC Cosmos features and opens Akash Network to the rest of the Cosmos ecosystem.

  4. Interchain Accounts (ICA)
    By enabling Interchain Accounts, we will provide access to interchain composability and significantly improve the user experience on Akash Network.

Mainnet 4 upgrade resources

Akash Network’s documentation:

Akash v0.18.0 CLI Release Notes:

Akash Mainnet 4 Node Upgrade Guide:

Akash Provider Upgrade:

Akash Provider Enablement for IP Leases:

Follow the Mainnet 4 upgrade in real-time

Head over to Akash Network’s Discord and jump into the conversation on the #general-chat channel to connect with the Akash Community.

Today, we’ll be focused on real-time updates and discussions around the Mainnet 4 upgrade. The Overclock Labs team and the Akash Insiders and Vanguards will also be there to answer any questions and assist with technical support.

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