Overclock Labs Joins Forces With Cloudmos to Advance the Akash Supercloud

August 15, 2023

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Overclock Labs Joins Forces With Cloudmos to Advance the Akash Supercloud

As the world’s demand for compute surges, Akash Network and its community are constantly expanding. The network is always looking for ways to support its most committed contributors, who are invaluable in growing the network’s capabilities. This results in a rich ecosystem of developer-focused projects, tools, and services. Among this global community of developers, Cloudmos has emerged as a standout community contributor.

Following months of collaboration and open discussions with the Akash Community, Overclock Labs has acquired Cloudmos with the goal of co-developing products to further expand Akash Network. Cloudmos’ flagship application, Cloudmos Deploy, is one of the most widely used tools in the Akash ecosystem. This easy-to-use web application enables users across a wide range of technical abilities to create and manage deployments, while remaining permissionless and censorship-resistant.

A New Era of Open-Source Cloud Computing

With the new partnership, Cloudmos will receive $300,000 in AKT to open-source its entire codebase, which aligns with Akash Network’s goal of accelerating development of the world’s first operational Supercloud. $200,000 of the funding will come from the Community Pool, which will be supplemented by an Overclock Labs contribution of $100,000 in AKT as a show of commitment to the success of Cloudmos and Akash.

Today, the proposal for contribution from the community pool passed by a wide margin with a ‘Yes’ vote of 94.4%.

This acquisition will provide the Akash Community with yet another open-source deployment application, and allow the network to improve its development processes to reach even more developers worldwide. Specifically, Cloudmos Deploy will focus on user segments where it has achieved success — permissionless deployments with high degree of technical control — and further expand its feature capabilities into the future.

Looking Ahead

By joining forces, Overclock Labs and Cloudmos will continue to make it easier and more intuitive for users to build on Akash. Together, we will accelerate the development of the Supercloud — just as the world needs it most.

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